“LOVE” is a very beautiful word. It is special. ‘Love’ is a word that can be beautiful and painful at the same time. Beautiful for a person who is in love because they got everything. Painful for a person who had a heartbreak or lost someone they loved the most. It’s very strange that a single word can make someone happy, and can make someone cry. This is the power and uniqueness that the word LOVE holds.

Loving someone doesn’t mean to hold onto them. Why? Because we can’t really force a person to love us back the same way we love them. Loving someone is a personal choice.

Love – The Criteria

When we talk about love, it doesn’t need to be between couples only. I believe that anything or anybody which makes us happy, about which we care a lot, and the moment we think about losing it we get goosebumps, is something or someone which we love. Our love might be our parents, our friends, our siblings, our pets or anything. That’s why Love is a beautiful word.

Love is not something restricted to the outer beauty of a person. Love is something that is more related to inner beauty. One might fall in love with a person’s voice without seeing them! This is true love. One might fall in love with a person’s eyes or smile without even seeing their full face, this is true love. One might fall in love with just a person’s way of talking, this is true love. And that is exactly why Love is a beautiful word.

Is one-sided love beautiful?

Some people say love is a two-way thing but I don’t think so. Love can be one-sided also.

In fact, there is a very famous dialogue from a Bollywood movie called “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. Do you remember it? 

“Ek Tarfa Pyaar ki Taakat hi Kuch aur Hoti Hai” – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

According to me, one-sided love is one of the purest forms of love. You smile when the other person smiles, you cry when the other person cries while knowing the fact that the person has no idea about you or your feelings. Still, you would do anything just to see them happy. If this is not the pure selfless form of love then I don’t know what else could be! Being happy in someone’s else happiness is a genuinely great feeling. That is what makes me a true believer of Love.

Do Opposites Attract?

Sometimes people think that love can’t happen between two completely opposite people. However, I think being perfect for each other is more important than being the same. If one can make their beloved feel special, beautiful, and confident to accept themself, that’s beautiful! If opposite personalities love and embrace each other then no one can stop such a genuine flow of love. Yes, love is a beautiful word and the most beautiful feeling!

If you have a ‘feeling’ that makes you do things you never thought you could; a feeling that inspires you to bring out the best in you; a feeling that makes you feel special and different from everyone, that beautiful feeling is definitely “LOVE”. In this world, there’s no other thing than love that has such special and beautiful powers. 

Love and Pain

I have seen some heartbroken people saying that they don’t believe in love anymore. I think it is totally impulsive. How? If someone truly understands the meaning of love, then a single person can’t really stop them believing in it.

Love – A Beautiful Word

Seeing my parents’ happiness whenever I am happy, is the most beautiful and powerful example of love to me. 

People define love differently. My fellow content writers also have their own perspectives at  The idea of love: How do you define love?

Love is a beautiful world and if I have to define love then it would be like –

Whenever you close your eyes and remember all the beautiful moments that you had spent with a beloved, no matter if the beloved is still their or not; the beautiful and peaceful smile that comes on your face, that feeling you get at that very moment is LOVE.

This blog is a personal perspective of Aditi, a content writer at Blogger Bunny. We, at Blogger Bunny, are all about love and peace, no hatred or sadness! Stay tuned and keep supporting us.

Also, spread smiles and love yourself!