Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Or questioned your existence? Maybe you have some interesting theories about after-life? Well, I am no superior but I know that the sole mission of our life is to get married, get our children married and to add a cherry on the cake by pestering the children for grandchildren. Did I say something unusual? Well, it might be unusual but it is the truth less spoken of.  So, let’s dive into the topic and talk about Marriages during Lockdown!

Marriages in India

Well, if you are an Indian, you would be aware. Marriages in India are not just a simple bond-creation between two people. It’s a big celebration that happens as the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING. It starts at a certain date and ends after a month or, even, longer. There are various ceremonies and other rituals that happen before the main wedding event. These involve not just the family members but also the never-ending list of relatives.

But this year, as we all know, the pandemic changed everything. Our great 2020 became a villain for the couples who dreamt of getting married this year. What if a wedding was just about getting dressed up and marrying your partner? In a small gathering at a small place? Sounds so relaxing, right? But Indians and weddings can never be simple.

This year, though, has taught us many things. Especially the importance of celebrating our special days with only our near and dear ones.

Pandemic and wedding ceremonies

Although this pandemic has turned out to be a  huge loss for various businesses. Such as wedding planners, parlours, hotels, catering services, jewellers etc.. as many people avoided getting married in such a situation. Some people had to postpone their functions because not everyone wants to have a concise wedding. There are people who dream of having a rich royal wedding. After all, it’s the day that happens once in a lifetime (usually).

This lockdown turned out to be evil for some couples. But a golden opportunity for the ones who always wanted their wedding to happen with limited people. Of course, people who had financial issues, also, took advantage of the situation and got married.

During the initial corona days, the government had strict instructions regarding public events such as weddings, parties, birthdays etc.. But after a few months, the restrictions were removed. People were allowed to organize their marriages but within a limit of 50 people. The rule is that everyone has to wear masks and each and everything should be sanitized. Along with the members attending the function. It was found that many people got married during the COVID period happily. They, also, had the most memorable day of their lives.

Was it beneficial to get married during the Corona outbreak?

It might sound strange. But it was seen that more weddings were performed last month. During the lockdown than the normal times. As claimed by the marriage bureaus. People who didn’t even plan on getting married in these two years, also, decided to tie their knots.

Oh, when it comes to Shaadi-Byah, what do you think – Shaadi is a compulsion or an option?

Reason: Saving money

As lockdown restrictions helped people avoid expenditure on lavish functions. Of course, the never-ending expectations of the guests that are never satisfied were avoided too (lol). This also benefited people in arranging functions as per their needs and preferences. As fewer people would have fewer demands and there would be no one to judge the arrangements of the function.

Changes in marriages that broke stereotypes

Sportsperson Swwapnil Chougule had decided to marry during this period, as well. He had decided not to take gifts from guests attending the wedding function, as a safety measure.

His S.O. and he had urged all their guests not to bring any gifts.

He says “It’s very weird of people to go to a wedding. Go without gifts or money as “shagun” as per Hindu customs. But my partner and I have decided, and strictly mentioned that no exchange of gifts should take place at our wedding. In fact, we have also mentioned it in our invitation card. We want to eliminate every possible medium that can cause transmission during the gathering”.

This not only broke various stereotypes but also acted as a safety measure. People started to accept the NEW NORMAL and tried every possible way to maintain proper hygiene. Following the rules imposed by the government. People understood the importance of sanitization. Now, every parlour has proper facilities of sanitization. Each and every product, makeups, etc. used by the makeup artists were cleaned before applying them to the bride.

The concept of “BARAAT” that usually involved hundreds of people dancing on loud music not only created sound pollution. But also created traffic on roads. This system also got washed down during this lockdown. Every ritual happened in a simpler and concise manner subjected to all the precautions.

Nonetheless, we must admit that every picture has two sides. Marriages during lockdown have been boon for some while a bane for some. It all depends on your social life, society, financial status and priorities in life. Stay tuned to BloggerBunny for more such blogs.