We all watch YouTube videos for motivation. All of us search for motivational movies at times. It’s no lie. In fact, it is completely okay if you feel low or demotivated at times. We do not judge. So, this blog is all about some must-watch and amazing movies for motivation.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is an emotion of expressing your thoughts regarding a particular goal in life. It comes from within a person. It is true that no matter how people convince you, motivate you to complete a particular task but it won’t be done until and unless you put in your own efforts.

For example, let’s consider that you are hungry. You want to eat that pizza slice kept in front of you but unless you move towards it, you can’t have it. So is the case with the goals that you want to achieve in your life!

Unless you stretch yourself in the direction of achieving them, they will remain an unfulfilled dream in your thoughts. Therefore, it’s your work that needs to be done.

You need to make an effort in the process of achieving it. Let the motivation within you strike itself.

When do people need External Motivation?

What do you mean by external motivation? Why do we need external motivation from others in our life?

External motivation can be understood as, an inspirational speech or incentive of someone that pushes you to do a desired work at the correct time.

At times we feel low and demotivated towards something in our life. This happens to us either because something didn’t go as we desired it to be or maybe someone questioned our worth in life which made us think that we aren’t good enough. At such times, our mind is filled with negativity and we are unable to see the positive side of the world.

These are the times we crave for someone to show us the right path, tell us that things are going to be alright in a while, we need them to motivate us towards our goals. These are the times we need external motivation from others.

Things to do when you feel demotivated:

There are many things we can do when we are unable to focus on things.

Sometimes we don’t have people to motivate us in our difficult times. Sometimes the way people motivate us might not push us to do what we need to do because Toxic Positivity is harmful!

So what can we do when we are unable to find motivation within and externally from others? Some of the things mentioned below can help you find your motivation.

  • Relax your mind and take a deep breath

Think why and what made you do that work? Ask yourself questions as to how this thing will help you in the future?  Think if you will focus on it today what are the things you will achieve in the future? When you will answer these questions, you will understand the importance of your work and will eventually feel motivated to do the same.

  • External motivation can help at the time your mind is not ready to think

Maybe other people’s words can influence you to think positively and make you feel motivated. Try searching for good motivational speakers online and listen to them when you think it is the only way out.

  • Have you heard books are the best companions when nobody is there to guide you?

I know reading a book is a bit old fashioned and boring for some of you but trust me old is gold. The motivation after reading a good autobiography is astounding. Grab a good book and start reading it. You may get what you always wanted.

Coming to our main topic – movies to watch for motivation.

My Favourite Movies for Motivation

Life of Pi

credit : kinopoisk.ru

This movie is based on the survival conditions of a human being. It teaches us not to lose hope under any circumstances. Life of Pi is an incredible creation when it comes to movies. This Oscar-winning movie showcases a boy named Pi Patel and how he fights basic human needs to live his life on shipwreck with a tiger alone. It teaches us no matter what happens in life, we should never lose hope. We should never stop trying until we reach our goals in life. This boy in the movie learns to tame a fierce tiger and survives the shipwreck in the middle of an ocean.

English Vinglish

credit: Bollywood Hungama

This Bollywood blockbuster is an inspiration in itself. We just cannot miss English Vinglish while talking about movies for motivation in life.

After watching it, your perspective towards your mother will definitely change. Our mother is our goddess who sacrifices her life to make ours. This movie starring late Shri Devi ji explains how tremendously a woman changes her life when it comes to her children. Women can do anything when it comes to their children. Here, she learns to speak English so that her children don’t face any humiliation in society because of their mother. If you haven’t watched this movie, I must recommend you to watch it with your mothers.

Nayak, The Real Hero

Credit: Moviekoop

This movie of Mr. Anil Kapoor was loved by all when it hit the Indian cinemas in the late 90s. It is a story about a young village boy who got an opportunity to be the Prime Minister for 24 hours. This movie teaches us what we can do if we get opportunities equal to our capabilities. But one thing that we need to keep in our mind is that opportunities are meant to be created by us for us. When you watch this movie you will understand the importance of a single opportunity in your life. You will understand that you are the one who has to create opportunities for yourself and grab the same when you get a chance.


Credit: google

This mind-blowing film of Sushant Singh Rajput teaches us that nothing happens in your life that can compel you to take your own life. It shows how a young frustrated kid attempts suicide when he doesn’t get the college he desired. As I said earlier, there is nothing in the world that is bad which can provoke you to take your own life. There is always a way out. This movie teaches us that life is simple and we should enjoy everything in a single moment. 

Also, Chhichhore is one of the Top 3 movies of SSR you CANNOT miss!

When do we need motivation?

We need motivation when we feel low and worthless. Similarly, we allow these negative thoughts to enter our mind and take space. It is us who allow them to take control. Likewise, if you don’t allow yourself to think bad, you will only feel motivated from within.

Motivation is inside you, you just have to find it. I hope that my favourite movies for motivation will help you find your motivation too.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash.