Nepotism had been quite a new word until the Queen of Bollywood stirred the discussion on a famous chat show. With the recent death of SSR, nepotism discussions and the celeb war on Twitter, the debate has heated up a lot.

What is Nepotism?

Nepotism is an act of allowing your favourite person to grow with your support. While not letting the talented to proceed.

This occurs everywhere, from huge job firms to the smallest industries.

It is human behaviour to support and favour the ones we love. Partiality is observable everywhere. Often in school and colleges, teachers and seniors recommend those who are their favourite. Incorporate and in businesses, the powerful are given chances rather than the talented ones. Sometimes even at the lowest points to show the world that some importance is given to talent, we let them in.

Why relate nepotism and death?

Nepotism is real. It exists all around us. It is a human tendency.

However, eventually the powerful crush down the newbies by snatching away their opportunities. The world is too selfish. Everyone focuses on themselves and thinks about their own benefits. We notice these only when we suffer and face the same difficulties as someone facing it already. We pay heed to such acts only when we are the victims.

Our insensitivity could be life-threatening. Just like it appears in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Did you know that such Nepotistic behaviour exists everywhere?

Nepotism in educational institutions:

nepotism in educationIt is commonly seen in educational firms under huge academic ratios.

You might have heard people saying that this student is the teacher’s favourite.

How is it possible?

Every student in the class tries his/her best to perform. But, why do only a few or one student always get the opportunities? Opportunities for participating in the competition from the class?

Why is it so that only this student always gets fuller marks despite having made silly errors? Why does the teacher prefer him/her over everyone else?

The answer to these questions is simple. Sometimes the reason for nepotism can be family relations with the person. Some other non-personal interest can be the cause too.

Nepotism in the corporate world:

corporate nepotismCooperate is a very professional way of handling businesses.

Every employee, no matter how great or small the qualification, is treated with equal respect with others in the organization. But this is a rule in a complete professional office. Do you know what actually happens in semi-professional or non-professional organizations?

You might have experienced that too. Even if your portfolio is filled with prior work experiences and your interview goes fine, you may not receive a call for the position.

Sometimes nepotism can be the main cause of why you did not get a call for the position. Many get demotivated and choose death due to nepotism. Not everyone is designed to cope up with demotivation.

Nepotism In government organizations and politics:

The root of nepotism lies here. Whether it is a politician or a government officer corruption lies in their blood. At every point, they need extra money to function. Haven’t you heard your relative saying “are Iska ham kara denge” The talented are always left behind and the powerful with money get success, why is it?

Why is having more money considered powerful? Why is having knowledge not enough?

What do people do after facing multiple rejections? Many people fall in depression. The constant struggle with nepotism can lead to death, quite logically.


Nepotism can trigger your mental health:

This is a very dangerous bacterium that can make you think negatively in every possible way. Nepotism can create a negative circle of discomfort around you.

Haven’t you heard the most trending news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death? The rumours are that the end of this multi-talented Bollywood actor’s life was under the pressure of nepotism. The industry took to boycott the actor due to him being among the struggling and talented people. Not being an actor’s kid was a setback for him. This young actor suffered through immense pain of depression and anxiety. He was hopeless and the circumstances of nepotism took his life.

Though we do not know what caused his death, yet. The talented actor’s legacy lies in his movies. In case you have not, these are Top 3 movies of SSR you CANNOT miss at any cost.

Sometimes when a person is already suffering a lot and nepotism adds to more pressure and causes more damage. It becomes more than difficult to cope up with this all alone and people end up committing suicide.

How to handle nepotism in the workplace?

It might not be the case of nepotism always. Sometimes the person hired can have potential qualifications for the posts. Sometimes it’s more than being the relative of the boss. Stop your feelings and see clearly where nepotism is.

We can’t control someone else’s behaviour, but, we can keep a check on ours. So it is mandatory for us to see if anything unprofessional is going on in the organization. Be professional and allow a positive mind-set to be a part of you.

It is a really common and easy way. To copy other people’s work and snatching their credit for benefits. Always document your work and save a copy of it as well as proof that it’s your creation. Whenever you feel something wrong or unprofessional is going on in the office, you should talk about it to someone. A person whom you think is trustworthy and can understand your problem without judging you. This can be a smart choice.

Speak up when necessary

Never be afraid of speaking out loud whenever you think something is not right.

Remember that staying silent is also a form of approval. People might judge you initially and can make fun of you. Higher authorities can suppress your protest but as much you make people understand what’s going wrong, they’ll help. Nepotism is the root cause of employees suffering from mental health issues.

When you feel that it’s going beyond survival, SPEAK UP!

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