good or bad sleep

It is rightly said that a happy and calm mind is all that we need to strive for and go on with our lives. But this can be achieved only when we solemnly promise ourselves to do so. As soon as we wake up, we welcome new work. Our daily chores or goals we planned to complete or even sitting idle cherishing our own thoughts. This starts after a good night’s sleep (I hope everyone gets to experience it) and definitely deserves to end with a good night’s sleep, as well.

Improper sleep can deplete your strength, can lead to irritating behavior and less productivity at work. You might be wondering that there are lots of tips and techniques to help you sleep better but at times they fail. Don’t worry it happens with a lot of people. Here we are, to get you rid of this never-ending insomnia by sharing with you some experienced un-clichéd tips. They are based on insights from real life that worked like wonder. So without much delay, let’s get started.


Well, meditation is purely magical. It is as crucial and relevant in our world as magic itself in the Harry Potter world(for any Potter head reading this). There are numerous benefits of meditation like the clarity of thoughts, letting us connect to our inner selves and nature. In conclusion, relieving us from the unnecessary mind clutter.

But how many of us are successful in performing meditation? I have personally experienced that even after meditating there is no guarantee that we’ll get a peaceful sleep! If you are also someone who finds it hard to focus while meditating, the first thing to do is to have an immense level of patience. You won’t get the result immediately but soon.

Here’s how you can start or continue with your meditation.

Doing it early in the morning is a must. It affects your entire day activities, but what I found useful is doing it just before going to bed. You can use some backing meditation voices available on YouTube or even some calming music, whatever suits you. If nothing like this, just try simple deep breathing. Trust me this really helps a lot.

A warm bath:

Yes, you heard it right. One must take out some time to take a shower before sleeping. It cleanses you of the dirt, as well as all the confusion, the negativity you carried throughout the day. It naturally gives your body a sense of relaxation and you can rush to bed to have a peaceful sleep.

What also helps, is giving your feet a quick and light massage with mustard or any other oil which you like(some natural acupressure works here). This relaxes the muscles of your feet, alleviate the tiredness, and fights off insomnia.

Listening to a podcast:

Now, this is something which I found out recently to be really helpful. You can choose to hear any of your favorite person’s podcasts on any topic. I would personally suggest you all try this and you would be surprised by how easily you had fallen asleep. A person’s voice can help as you would slowly get swept away in the monotony and fall asleep.

Some people might like hearing calming music or instrument pieces that can also help but it did not work for me as the changing frequency of music tends to keep your mind awake, but again this is subjective and varies from person to person, do what suits you!

No to electronic devices before bed:

We all know that there’s a lot of hormone secretions due to light coming out of these devices which tends to keep our mind awake and alert and hampers our sleep.

But still, how many of us follow this? We all have that urge to scroll Instagram or check that last message on WhatsApp least knowing how it affects our sleeping cycle.

I, also, did the same thing and found it difficult to wake up early. Most of the time I had those heavy bulgy eyes and fatigue all day.
You should try to conquer this one bad habit and you‘ll start getting results.
1) Decide a time and do not touch your phone or laptop after that, tough but you can do it.
2) Replace smartphones with a book. Yes, paper and pen in the night can help.

Turn off the lights of your room:

Well, if you are a person who doesn’t seem to get any help even after doing this, I would suggest you to just continue doing this. It is so important to have a dark room, the reason is again scientific. If not possible, you can use an eye mask. This, added with other habits, will help surely!

Have gratitude for your life:

A night of great sleep will only befriend us when we try to keep our minds at peace. One important thing to note, before bed, is to have a sense of satisfaction. Gratitude about everything that you did in your entire day.
You can journal your entire day or write a thanks note for everything that happened to you that day. In case you are interested, here’s How to make your own journal!

Are you bombarded with thoughts as you try to sleep? I, honestly, hope we are able to help you with this article to reduce or cure your insomnia.
But, sometimes insomnia condition is a serious situation and requires medical assistance. I would truly recommend you to get familiar with your condition and act accordingly.

But before that, do try these methods.

Wishing you a good and healthy sleep!