Diabetes and Its Effects

Our diet plays an important role in our life. When we are healthy and fit, we are less prone to diseases. Such is the case of diabetic patients. In this generation, due to lack of time and likeness for nutrition, we prefer packed food which

health in covid19

Health and Fitness during COVID-19 outbreak

Health does not only mean disease-free, but being healthy, mentally, physically, socially, and other aspects. In this modern era of 9 to 5 jobs, presentations, continuous scrolling, meetings, and instant noodles. Do we even have time for health and/or fitness?  According to the present scenario,

an internship

An Internship: All You Need to Know

Some of us are so focused on getting a job since childhood. So, we directly jump into the ocean of internships as soon as we pass our 12th standards. There is no particular time when you should start applying for a particular internship. Our experience

startup is better than 9 to 5

Startup is Better than 9-5 Jobs

Startups are, basically, a business idea that is by one’s own for one’s financial development. An enterprise or a new business started as a company, partnership, or temporary organization is called a startup company or startup to discover a  scalable business model. Startup – What

how to make your own journal

How to make your own journal?

Aren’t you excited at the thought of having your own journal? Well, I was, when I wrote this article on how to make a journal of my own. You might be thinking – what is a journal? A Journal is simply a book you buy

Periods: No More A Taboo

Menstruation is also called “Periods” and is a common phenomenon. Every girl, during her adolescence, goes through periods. Having said that, periods are not just bleeding for 5 days. Our society as a whole, especially, the great Indian society has turned periods into a big

freedom and independence

What is Real Independence?

As we all know,15th August is the Independence day of India. Everyone feels the emotion of patriotism this day. But, what is real independence?  Are Indians really independent? We read and hear about the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to make us independent and