Do you believe in ghosts? Has anything paranormal ever happened to you? If yes, then there are 100% chances of you believing in supernatural creatures, right? Paranormal activities are a standard topic among children and teenagers. Every one of us, in our childhood, have heard of some haunted places where our elders stop us from exploring.  Or maybe some of your friends might have made plans about visiting that haunted park in the dark? And you refused to take part in this trip because you were afraid of the circumstances.

Many a time, people spread rumour regarding a place so that no one enters their private property. They use fake news of paranormal activities around their home so that the buyers and street children are far away from their place.

But have you wondered what the real story of a haunted place is? Why people claim to see paranormal activities on the premises of a haunted house?

These paranormal activities are possible because there might have been some incidents that happened at the place, or someone who has died at that place is still roaming in the premises and hence making it haunted.

It is said that the dead walk in a particular place because they had incomplete wishes before he died. The ghost haunting the area is there because he died accidentally, and the death ceremony did not bound his soul.

2 Haunted Places in India and the Stories of their Paranormal Activities

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

One of India’s most attractive places, both for tourists and Indians, is Rajasthan. The beautifully carved out royal architecture and royal sites in Rajasthan attract visitors.

rajasthan, kuldhara.

The relics that remain and haunt.

The paranormal activities, stories and historical significances of these monuments in Rajasthan have many histories to offer onboard.  With history comes secrets, and with secrets,  hidden stories.

Have you ever visited the beauty of Rajasthan? Do you love traveling? People believed that Rajasthan is haunted. But specially visit Jaisalmer of Rajasthan.

About 200 years ago, on an empty night, the villagers of Kuldhara were awake. They belonged to the Palawan Brahmin community; these people left their homes and land, leaving behind their property on the ground of Kuldhara, Rajasthan. The reason behind this drastic step of the whole community leaving the entire village is as chilling as the story behind it.

There was a prime minister whose name was Salim Singh, often called Zalim Singh, because he treated everyone brutally. He considered himself more Powerful than the king of that period.

His tax collection methods included brutality and evil. One day his eye falls on a beautiful daughter of the Kuldhara’s chief. He was amazed by her beauty and openly declared to marry her.

He threatened the villagers by applying heavy taxes on them if he did not fulfill his marriage desires. On the same night, the people of the village left the village over in a night span.

The result

People believed that from then whosoever lived people of Kuldhara haunt there. I thought that when the entire village left the place, they cursed it. And from then, it has consistently given records of paranormal activities suggesting the presence of spirits.

Malcha Mahal, Delhi.

Have you been to Delhi? Do you know the spookiness behind Malcha Mahal? A sad story of the town back in the late 80s is the reason behind this place’s scariness.

Malcha Mahal, a resident place of Princess Wilayat Mahal which the government has given her. She was miserable, a descendant of the royal family of Awadh. However before she could declare the Mahal as her home, Feroz Shah Talaq took over forcefully.

malcha mahal delhi

Looks eerie, doesn’t it?

Homeless with two little children, Wilayat wandered the whole town in despair. Britishers took over her property. Finally, she rested in the railway quarters in Delhi. After approximately nine years from the incident, the government abolished the Malcha Mahal.

Going to the horrors of her own house that demolished Wilayat and her two children went to see her home for the last time. Occupied by the misery and seeing our lovely house’s condition, she burst into tears of sorrow. She decided to compare it with her grief and committed suicide at that place, leaving her two children on their own.

The two kids crying their heart out hugged their mother. After a while, people noticed some paranormal activities and did the Princesses’ death ceremony. They were adding horrors,  this place of two kids, a dog who was left in the house for ages without food without electricity and any source of living.


This place is a question of a surprise. How these kids with dogs survived for ages without even water and electricity? Till then, there is no living soul except that two kids and a dog there, trespassers were shot when they entered. People believed that princess Wilayat didn’t die; instead, her soul is still protecting the two kids and her loving house.

The kids only wear black robes, and one of the brothers rides a bicycle to buy food and supplies. But the question here is. A house which was about to get destroyed, how they survive without food, water, and electricity?

There are many more tales of creepy paranormal activities from across the globe. Have you ever experienced something similar, something heart-wrenching?