Plastic is not just the polyethene bag that we use for throwing garbage. Plastic is everything from the storage boxes made with plastic to plastic slippers we wear. From the plastic bottles and containers in which our products come to the plastic used for packaging and delivering products. Everything is related to plastic. Plastic has such a negative impact on our environment and its health. Plastic is an enemy to mother Earth and human existence.

It is used world widely in such a huge amount because it is very cheap, lightweight, versatile and resistant. That is why plastic is easily accessible to everyone today. It helps in preserving food for a longer duration of time. All these benefits make plastic valuable and we, today, are highly dependent on plastic, whether it is disposable or single-use. According to a survey, “Every minute, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are bought by the people.” 

Plastic – An Enemy

The biggest problem with plastic is that it never gets mixed with the soil and this is why it is very dangerous and hazardous. It is bad not just for us or our environment, but also for animals and other living beings because if they accidentally consume plastic, they either die or they are affected badly. They are beings, who can’t express their feelings or convey their messages. They don’t know what is harmful to them and what isn’t. 

The Issue:

According to a survey, “Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finds its way into our oceans.” The same way they get into aquatic animals’ bodies and animals die because plastic contains hazardous chemicals. Plastic is made up of coal, salt, natural gas, crude oil and cellulose which are natural but can only be used once. These plastics then lie on landfills, in the oceans. They never get merged into the soil. If you burn plastic, it releases hydrochloric acid, furans, dioxins, and sulfur dioxide. These gases cause several respiratory problems and it affects our immune systems, as well. It makes the air contaminated. 

Amount used:

The amount of plastic we are using currently is a lot more than we have ever used. Its use is continuously rising day by day, year by year and with this use it is affecting our environment and our lives as well. Plastic use is causing global warming, greenhouse gases, and pollution , as well. We use plastic cups, plastic glasses, plastic spoons, plastic bottles, plastic chairs, and so on. The electric equipment we have at our homes also contain some amount of plastic in it. Our mobile phones also have the same problem. 

Most plastics aren’t reusable. They are single-use plastic which can only be used once and then they become waste. This way they end up adding to pollution and fill our lands and oceans. “40 percent of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded. Nearly half of all plastic ever manufactured has been made since 2000.” Half the world’s plastics are made in Asia. This means we produce a lot of plastic (more plastic than any other country). 

The solution to Plastic – An Enemy

  • The best solution for this problem is that we try to use other materials like steel utensils, cotton bags, paper cups, wooden stuff. 
  • Avoid plastic, as much as possible. 
  • Carry your own bag (non-plastic) when you go out to buy stuff. 
  • Avoid using plastic bottles. 
  • Use steel water bottles. 
  • Make use of steel containers over plastic containers. 
  • Use homemade products like homemade scrub and soap. 
  • Start using biodegradable plastic or plastic made from natural materials. 
  • Use silicone cups instead of paper or plastic cups.
  • Bring your own cup to the office. 
  • Segregate wet and dry waste. 


Plastic – Earth’s biggest enemy

 The large number of side effects as compared to its benefits make plastic our enemy. Plastic is harming our environment and causing problems which makes it an enemy. Any kind of thing or stuff we use today, some way or the other will lead to pollution because at the end of the day, these things are a waste of money and waste of materials. If they can’t be used in some way, they will end up as waste. We don’t have any planet B. So, we need to protect the planet we live on. The more we produce plastic, the more we will hurt the planet we live on.

Locust Swarms in 2020  is another major evidence of the result of our wrong-doings to Earth. We need to reduce our use of plastic and we also need to manage our waste properly, because a lot of our waste ends up in our environment and it never goes away.