Pornography addiction is something that people often deny when spoken about.

Pornography and Pornography Addiction has always been a controversial topic. Due to people’s reluctance to talk about it, it’s hard to find how many of them do watch or enjoy porn on daily basis. One can identify it if they are emotionally attached to it and partake in it on a daily basis. While some researchers have suggested that Pornography Addiction is not even a real condition at all, signs and symptoms are often the same as those of alcohol and drug addiction. Excessive masturbation is a behavior that comes under pornography addiction.

Some countries have banned porn sites because the government believes that it distracts youth from doing something productive. But, there are still some ways by which people can watch porn from the sites. They can change the IP address and access the site.

Pornography addiction can also harm someone’s relationship, career, or state of well being. American Psychiatric Association (APA) considers porn addiction as a hypersexual disorder.

Symptoms of pornography addiction

  • Viewing during work or social situations.
  • Viewing porn causes shame, guilt, or depression.
  • Lost track of time watching porn.
  • Watching despite the negative impact on life.
  • Keeping porn secret from a partner.
  • Failure to quit.
  • A person’s sex life becomes less satisfying.
  • Spend lots of money on pornography.
  • Using pornography to cope with sadness, anxiety, insomnia, or mental health issues.

What studies have found

Some doctors have questioned whether porn addiction is a medical problem or not, whether it is a compulsive disorder like drug, alcohol addiction, or not. It is classified as a hypersexual disorder.

In the 2017 study of males for Problematic Pornography Use found that the changes that occur in brain activity are quite similar to that of drug users.

Some researches have also indicated that, watching porn can also lead to unrealistic expectations of sex.

A 2013 study suggests that the use of pornography by male participants, in couples, gives less sexual satisfaction while, in females participants, it gives greater sexual satisfaction.

On the contrary, the 2014 study says that many studies on pornography addiction are biased or poorly designed.

2015 study says that watching visual sexual stimuli, the brain activity of addiction was absent. When exposed to an addictive substance brain activity is increased, but when exposed to stimuli their brain activity starts decreasing.

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), argue that either pornography or sex to be addictive.

It is also important to consider that the people who believe that pornography is an addiction may not acknowledge its existence altogether and have stiff ideas about it.


It is still not clear how watching porn can encourage out of control behavior. Researches, studies have yet to find clear sets of causes. Well, it certainly does give you the rush that you enjoy and which often leaves you craving for more.

It does seem that watching porn is not a problem in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter until that high point when you can’t resist it. You just simply can’t quit.

Some experts and advocates argue that this is an intricate issue with a range of possible causes. some are:

  • Escaping from mental issues:

an individual might watch pornography to avoid psychological distress.

  • Relationship problems:

watching porn due to sexual dissatisfaction.

  • Biological issues:

changes in brain activity from watching porn can lead to addiction.

  • Unhealthy cultural norms:

the pressure of looking and behaving during sex, a person should enjoy it and whatnot are the reasons which draw one to pornography.

Few things you can try on your own

  • delete all the bookmarks or porn on your device
  • install anti-porn software by someone else without giving you the password
  • make a plan of doing some other activity when that urge hits you
  • you can also pen down how it has affected your life- it helps as it keeps reminding you of the bad effects.
  • if there are any triggers, then try to avoid them
  • you can also partner up with someone, who can hold you accountable for your porn activity and can help you refrain from it.
  • keep a diary or journal to track some alternate activities or reminders.

Consult a doctor

  • If sex is painful.
  • Increase in sexual dysfunction- trouble keeping an erection or lubricating before
  • Facing trouble orgasming from sex with a partner.
  • Having other addictions too or have faced once.


If you believe you have Pornography Addiction, you can consult a therapist for an evaluation. Especially, if you have anxiety, depression, insomnia, or other mental health condition, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

A therapist can suggest an individual, group, or family counselling depending on its impact on your life.

Counselling can help you understand what causes this compulsion in the beginning.

Your doctor or therapist may recommend medication if you have OCD or depression.

A word from Blogger Bunny

Exposing truths about your thoughts and behavior may sound uncomfortable, but indeed, it is the only way to confront these realities so that you can get the help you need. The right treatment for Pornography Addiction can help you in achieving long-lasting recovery from pornography addiction.

Acknowledging your compulsive behaviour and Pornography Addiction is the first step you have taken. It will help you to answer some crucial questions about yourself. These answers will help and guide you in being more stable and productive.