Feminism is a well-known term. Pseudo-Feminism is another infamous term. Both of these terms are getting attention simultaneously now. What do you understand by these words feminism and pseudo-feminism? And what is feminism exactly? What is pseudo feminism? Well, here’s a blog for all the feminists who are tired of justifying themselves. This is also for you if you have ever thought that all feminists hate men. Also, you must read this blog till the end if you have ever asked are you one of those feminist types?

What is Feminism?

Feminism means the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights to women equal to those of men. In simple words, giving equal rights to every gender. Or it’s basically empowering women and nothing more.

India is known as a male dominating or patriarchal country. Women in our society have been suppressed for centuries. Over the years, the Feminist movement has expanded from a focus on voting rights to working rights, reproductive rights, gender rights and beyond. 

From my perspective: Feminism is like a reservation that ignites with a good motive and ends with something incredible.

In the 21st century, our government is making an effort or conveying its best towards women interest. In fact, all of us need to take a stand against the misdeeds happening in our society with women.

What is Pseudo-feminism?

In my perception, pseudo-feminism is one of the dark sides of feminism. If we elaborate on the term, the term pseudo means “fake” which precedes feminism’. But how do these two words get connected?

The motive of Feminism is to give equal rights to women. However, somehow its intention has turned to attain superior rights and respect.

Nobody likes intrusions in their life. However, women always receive unwanted career advice, dressing advice, behavioural guidance because people simply feel entitled. Career, marriage, children, fashion is their personal choice. But society just doesn’t get that right. In fact, many feminist get hatred because they openly question Shaadi as a compulsion or an option?

Nonetheless, in between all these struggles, some women forget the difference between EQUALITY and SUPERIORITY. They become a MISANDRIST while calling themselves FEMINIST. And that, my dear readers, is pseudo-feminism!

Misandrist says female > male whereas Feminist says, female = male.

I will explain this to you with an incident:

So while travelling on a bus, I saw an aged man standing. There was a vacant seat right next to a lady in front. I suggested him about it and he agreed to take a seat. When he was ready to sit down, a furious bus conductor told him that there were separate seats allocated for men and women and that he must go and sit in the respective place. Till there is a vacant seat in the men’s section, he must stand.

This was frustrating to witness.

I felt ashamed because I suggested him to take that seat. I was unaware that an aged human being can’t take a vacant seat because of his gender. While supporting females to travel safely and comfortably is welcome, discrimination based on it is irrational and pseudo-feminism, aka misandry.

Difference between Feminism and Pseudo-Feminism

Feminism encourages equality whereas pseudo-feminism encourages female superiority.
The goal of feminism is to challenge the systematic inequalities women confront in our daily life. Pseudo-feminism is to belittle and demean men.
Feminism doesn’t support sexism against either gender.
Feminism respect humans but pseudo-feminism doesn’t.

Where is the genuine need for feminism?

Does your mother or grandmother know about feminism? Generally, they do not. OR does your father or grandfather dictate or dominate the household and relationships? Generally, they do so. Yes,  there is a grave need for feminism in the majority of our homes. Many a time, our mother faces embarrassment and disrespect silently because they think this is how destiny goes.

Hence, we have to take a stand against everything as such, starting right from our home and society. 

My Conclusion

Just by saying that I am a feminist or a feminism-supporter, we do not end the issues. Firstly, we need to realize the true meaning of feminism and secondly, we need to take a stand for the same. We have to take a stand for men’s rights too because they are equally human. It is insensitive and pseudo-feminism to simply hate men. But we believe in women empowerment and feminism because its the women who have been oppressed!