We reside in a highly dynamic world. This dynamic world is full of competitions and races. There is competition everywhere. In fact, the moment we step into our mother’s womb we leave behind millions of other sperms. The level of competition only increases from the moment we take birth until the end of a career, at the least. Even after retirement, the competition about children, comparison of lifestyles, etc. goes on and on. Nevertheless, now that you are a youngster, given you are here reading about Internships, let’s talk about the Relevance of Internships in Building Your Career rather than after your career.

Before diving deep into the Relevance of Internships in Building Your Career, let us take a look at our competitive life.

Competition! When a child enters school, life revolves around the competition in academics, sports, extracurriculars and many other things. In college, life takes a turn and becomes more burdensome. Now the competition becomes tougher. We learn new things in college. If you are soon going to college, here are TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life.

But the 360-degree change comes to life after college. Life After College is The Start of Real Life!. As the game of life totally turns after college, the competition for graduate jobs increases. It becomes an important task for the students to overgrow themselves in order to grab the attention of hirers. It is important for them to get that ‘something extra’ in themselves than the other equally qualified and skilled people.

And in that whole commotion of competitions, comes the concept of internships. The students who hold experiences in the form of internships, tend to overpower this game of ‘getting hired’. They are often considered as of more value than an employee who is a fresher. 

There could be a plethora of questions arising in your mind at this point, what is an internship? Is it really beneficial? How can they help, How to get an internship, etc. So, here we are with this article Relevance of Internships in Building Your Career. So, keep reading fellas. 

What is an Internship?

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An internship is basically an opportunity for the potential employees or interns, offered by the employers. It is a professional learning experience and it offers practical implications of the work. Mostly, the interns are undergraduate or graduate students. Here, the students get the chance to know all the practical aspects of their stream or career interest.

Internships give the chance of exploration. It helps them to put up their new fresh ideas in the workplace and grow in their respective streams. It can be understood as an exchange program, as the interns help the employers by sharing their workload and employers help the interns in making them learn and grow. 

Types of Internships

Types of internship

  • Paid and Unpaid: In a paid internship, the interns get a stipend for their work. An unpaid internship is where the interns do not get any money in return for their labour. The latter is often considered an exploitative form of an internship. 
  • Full-time and Part-time: The part-time internships are done, with other work also. The part-time interns, often involve themselves in 2 or more internships, at the same time. The interns are hired for the whole working hours, in full-time work. Part-time internships are offered during the semesters, and full-time are generally offered during vacations.  

Benefits of Internship

Knowing basic stuff about Internships is done. Clearly, we can dig deeper into the Relevance of Internships in Building Your Career.

Tests practical knowledge:

The years of school and college education fills us up with bookish and theoretical knowledge. But at this point in life, we need to understand the value of the practical implication of that knowledge. The internships help in gaining practical knowledge. For example, a media student who learnt about the communication and correct use of language needs practical knowledge when getting placed in any media house.

Tells you about your interests:

It is normal for students to be confused while choosing degrees. Most of the students choose their graduation degree in the pressure of their family. So, this is why internships are important. It allows you to explore your real interests and decide your career accordingly. In India, we can see most of the engineers choose some other path after their graduation. Internships could be one of the biggest reasons for that. 

Birth of new interests:

The internships could be helpful in finding your new interests. For example, if you are a writer but you like exploring and so you indulge yourself in a graphic designing internship, you never know it might be your destiny. Maybe the graphics are your new friends now. So always be open to new work in the initial years of your college. In the later years of college, it would be more beneficial to focus on your selected field as it will boost up your experience in your stream. 

Introduction to professionals:

The internships open the door to spread your network among the professionals of your stream. It is always beneficial to make more contacts for your career growth. The more would know you, the more recommendations you can get. 

Opens the door for more opportunities:

Well, internships are the best way to grab more such internships. It is possible that your employer could call you for a full-time job even. One can use the experience and certificates to grab some other better opportunity. Overall, the experience would never be bad for your career. 

Makes you a keen learner:

Internships in different companies help you in a different way. All companies have their own way to do things, their own essence. If one switches companies every 2-3 months for the internships, one gets to learn about a lot of companies in their own stream. It makes them a keen observer and learner. 

The importance of Work-Life Balance:

It is important to maintain a balance in life. In college, the students get time to stay lazy, hang out with friends, give time to family, do their chores, etc. But once getting into a job one has to prioritize things and maintain a schedule. So, the internships are like a trailer to the film named life. It helps in learning how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. It enhances the management skills of an individual.

Say hello to office politics:

Internships are like the tip of the iceberg. One can learn about the office environment and gossip in the internships. It is quite important to know how to handle office politics. Most of the time people get into depression or stay frustrated due to this. So, it is important to understand how to approach and deal with it. Internships make an individual ready how to deal with all of this and maintain good relations with colleagues.

So, what do you think about the internships and the Relevance of Internships in Building Your Career? Comment below your internship stories, what did you learn or explore in your internships. In case you are looking for opportunities, visit our blog An Internship: All You Need to Know for further help.