“Life is beautiful, one just needs to feel its beauty”.

Who does not want to enjoy their life to the fullest, who does not want to feel the bliss of each and every moment? But how many people actually have a plan for their own bliss? The answer to this question is, only a few. Yes, only a few people actually make a plan for anything at the right time. One such planning that we all must start at the right time is retirement planning. Retirement planning is a multistep process and it generally evolves over time. It is a necessity to have a comfortable life in old age.

We all have some dreams to come true and hence, we need a plan for them. For some, retirement could be a chance to opt for a hobby or a business, spend some time with the family, travel around the world, or stay home. But we need to have a plan in our minds to actually make it all happen. After retirement life goes on but not the financial security. Hence, to maintain that security and sense of confidence one needs to plan everything beforehand.

Let’s first get a note on why we actually need retirement planning.

Need of Retirement Planning

Planning is important to handle any situation of trouble smoothly. No emergency comes up with an alarm and to survive the situation one must be ready all the time. Life throws us in situations that are not expected at all. So, planning gives a sense of security. The most important result of planning is it directs and shows a path towards achieving the goals. After retirement the cash flow of a person is limited and the potential of risk-taking also decreases with it. But with a plan, we can keep a check on the money flow and risk-taking potential.

It is easy to meet the ends and in fact, save till you are earning, but once the person is retired, the scene changes. Now a person needs to meet the ends and also maintain a healthy lifestyle, that also without proper income. Nobody wants to compromise with their status and lifestyle and it is when planning comes in the sight as a boon. With age, the health issues will also become a matter of expense and one needs enough money to cope with all of this. Medical expenses can actually be a curse to your pocket. Retirement planning is important to avoid all the nightmares and lead a beautiful life in the later years of your life.

There will be a rise in the prices of goods and services with time. This inflation in price will decrease the value of one’s money. The achievement of goals in the future is going to cost a lot more than in the present. In fact, everything is going to be costlier in the future. So, it is important to keep the value of money. With a superb retirement plan, one can solve all of these issues.

Steps for retirement planning

define goals, as soon as possible and decide you retirement age

1- Define the goals:

It is the most important thing to look forward to. One has to first decide what are his/her retirement plans are, to achieve. It could be anything like traveling, spending time at home, following a passion, or anything. To achieve the goal and set a plan one must first decide the goal. And once, the goal is decided then we can think of the plan to work for it.

2- Decide the retirement age:

Often, people retire at the age of 60 but it can vary. Some people even work after the age of 60 and some retire before 60. It is actually a choice and depends upon the person. But it is important to decide the retirement age for better planning. While determining the retirement age, one must also take care of life expectancy. No one knows the future but one must be ready.  

3- As soon as possible:

The plan goes well for those who start the planning at the right time. One must not delay in planning or else they would have to compromise with their goals. For example, if a person is in his 30s, he must start planning for his retirement. Often, people get employment in their 20s and at that time they think it is the time to enjoy. They don’t go for savings. But the one who starts investing early will definitely get the profit later on.
determine amount & keep check on plan

4- Determining the amount needed:

When a person starts planning, he has a lump sum amount in his mind that he wants to earn before retirement. If not, then he must determine the goals and the amount needed to fulfill those goals. Now it would be easy to keep a check on the progress towards the target.

5- Avoiding unnecessary expenditure:

There is no gain without the pain and one must remember this while working on retirement planning. If an individual notice that it is becoming hard to achieve the set goals then he must cut down his irrelevant expenses. It is important to save the amount for the later ages and hence, there is nothing bad in avoiding irrelevant costly parties, weekends, impulsive shopping and a lot more other expenses. One must differentiate between their wants and needs.

6- Keep a check on the plan:

It is important to keep a track of whatever you are earning and saving. Set goals will just be a goal without any progress so check on regular intervals whether you are moving towards or away from the set goals. One must also keep a check on the upcoming market strategy and plans. This would make the individual plan better and save better for the elderly days of their life.

The later ages of life are an important part of life. To make them the best years one works hard through his whole life. Retirement planning is necessary to make all that hard work pay off.

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