Do you remember ‘Sanju’? Sanju – with a magical pencil, which when used for drawing anything, turned into reality. Yes, from Shaka Laka Boom Boom! Did you ever think how can this even happen in real life?  Actually, I’m not talking about that pencil, but a person who draws life-like delicious delicacies – Sarasvathy TK! Let me introduce you to Sarasvathy TK.

Who is Sarasvathy TK?

Sarasvathy tk with her painting

She is an amazing lady who draws delicious food which appears just next to be real.

Sarasvathy TK is a hyper-realistic artist from Secunderabad (Telangana), currently living in New Jersey, US. She holds a degree in computer engineering and was always fascinated by art and culture. Sarasvathy TK loved doodling and sketching, until the day she visited Lavire Paris in 2007. After her visit to an art exhibition in Singapore, in 2008, she came up with the thought of choosing art as her career.

This self-learned artist came across hyperrealism in 2015, as she told in one of her interviews. She was highly inspired from artists around the world. Thus, realised that Indian food was not that explored by the same. And thus started her journey.

So it was on the eve of New Year, she painted her first piece, which was a bagel. To her surprise, her friends wanted to buy this amazing art piece.

This encouraged her to draw the second, third and so on. Since then she has worked on various prestigious projects.

Skilful, isn’t it?

She has worked for The Ministry of Defence of Singapore and IBM India too.

She crafts her skills by self-exploration because when she started she had no means to aid her journey in this hyper-realistic world.

Can you imagine the efforts she puts in just one piece of her art? Can you imagine how difficult and skillful it is to bring things to life, that too food?

But this lady out here does this work effortlessly. She told in one of her interviews, about how she painted a Dosa having 5,000 circles and an image of seven gulab jamuns having 1,000 tiny circles on each one of them.

Her Works


It took her six months to paint her first work, Idli, Sambar and Chutney in 2017. She told in one of her interviews that it takes her two to three months to complete one painting.

“When we work on contemporary forms, we showcase the imagination of artists. But when we have to paint a food/dish, all eyes that are going to finally see it, have a predetermined picture of that food/dish. As an artist I have to ensure that the picture of that dish in the viewers’ mind matches my work.” – (Source~

Sarasvathy TK owns a website by her name called ‘’ where she uploads and displays her commendable artwork with a little description of the same.

Visit her website

If you are someone who appreciates such artists, you must visit her website here.

She represents India globally by her artwork as she believes that painting representing Indian food is too rare though it is famous worldwide as a cuisine.

On World Idli Day, she launched customized US postage stamps of her famous painting ‘Idli, Sambar and Coconut chutney’, as a homage to all food lovers around the globe. This act got media coverage by ‘The Hindu Business Line’ which was a token of appreciation for her.


Her 2nd painting ‘Dosa and Sambar’ got displayed by “Salmagundi” an 1871 world-renowned Art gallery of New York.

From watching 1000+ videos on hyperrealism to gain confidence in getting her work displayed worldwide, this lady has come a long way.

She got her first museum exhibiting opportunity at “Monmouth Museum” in New Jersey and never stopped since then.

We must agree that women are creating global recognition for themselves. Yes, Women are The Future! and she is a brilliant example.

Let’s Support Art

Her art originates from the love of Indian culture, which evokes emotions and memories related to the images of food and thus enhances all sensations. Sarasvathy TK  is the perfect example of someone achieving things even though they face numerous obstacles in their journey.

Like all of us, she also had her gloomy days, but as we all know that the sun shines more brightly after a cloudy day. Similarly, this hardworking lady is shining brightly each day. 

If you don’t know her already just scroll through her Instagram handle and you’ll be all ready in love with her work. Here’s the link to her Instagram page.

She deserves all the praises and prayers. It is not an easy job to bring things to life and represent them in a realistic manner.

The very thought that crosses my mind each time I read about her or see her paintings is,

“You get what you work for not what you wish for”.

So let’s make Sarasvathy TK famous, applaud and encourage her in her journey to represent our nation and accomplish all her dreams.