The symbol of love TAJ MAHAL. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Legendary love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Taj Mahal 

taj mahal

 It is in Agra. The great Mughal emperor named Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Was the son of Mughal emperor Jahangir.

Shah Jahan 

Shah Jahan is the third son of Jahangir. He had six wives and Mumtaz is the third. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz started their love at the age of the teen. They married after five years of love. But because of some political pressure, he married the first and the other wives. It is said that Shah Jahan killed his three brothers named Shahryar Mirza, Khusrau Mirza, and Parvaz Mirza to attain the throne. Later he became the King of the Mughal emperor.

Mumtaz Mahal 

The empress of the Mughal emperor and the loving spouse of Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz had 14 children. During the time of prolonged pregnancy, she suffered for 30 hours of Labor pain for the 14th child and died from postpartum. 

During the war, Mumtaz traveled with his husband to war, but because of pregnancy pain, she died at Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh the battlefield. The 14th child was the daughter of Shah Jahan. He was madly in love with Mumtaz. He couldn’t bear the death of Mumtaz, so he isolated himself for a year. When he appeared, he was old and had a dull face. Until the war got over, they buried Mumtaz in Burhanpur.

7 Secrets about Taj Mahal 

secrets about taj mahal

  • It took 22 years to construct the Taj Mahal. They started it in 1632. It is 390 years old for now. 22000 workers constructed the Taj Mahal, and they used 1000 elephants for the construction. 
  • The 4 minarets of the Taj Mahal look straight, but in reality, it is light slanted. The reason for the tilt is in case of any natural calamities like earthquakes, the minarets may not fall to the center of the tomb.

taj mahal changes color throughout the day

  • The colors of the Taj Mahal change its color. It looked pinkish at the time of the early morning, afternoon, it’s sparkling white, evening it is orange and at night it’s light bluish. Only for two nights, they allow us to view the Taj Mahal once at the full moon and after the full moon. It is said that the marble is extremely unique and the rays of sun and moon fall on it.
  • Aurangzeb killed all his competitors, as his father was not well. He took the position of King of Mughal emperor and jailed his father Shah Jahan at Agra Fort, near the Taj Mahal. Where he spent his last 10 years in house arrest seeing the Taj Mahal through a small window.

black tajmahal

  • After the death of Mumtaz, they kept her body in Burhanpur the battlefield, and after Shah Jahan won the war, he told his son to take his mothers, and keep it in a golden castle from Burhanpur to Agra. They kept the body in a garden on the shore of the Yamuna river for about 22 years until they completed the Taj Mahal.
  • It’s said that Shah Jahan planned to construct himself a Black Taj Mahal next to the white. But then he died before the construction, so his son Aurangzeb buried him next to Mumtaz’s tomb. The tomb is the central focus of the Taj Mahal, but it is said that the tomb is empty but they kept the body under the garden.
  • Mughal emperor was proud of the Taj Mahal. During the time of world war, many countries tried to capture the Taj Mahal, but they couldn’t later British take the responsibility for the maintenance of the. Shah Jahan built a Taj Mahal full of trees in front where nobody could see it, but when the British took the responsibility, they changed it in the French style.

It would cost 70 billion rupees to build the Taj Mahal today. Surely, after reading this, everybody wants to visit the Taj Mahal, even though I’m more excited to see it. If anybody has already visited, share the experience in the comment box.

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