In India, marriage is very important and a big thing. But people don’t talk about sex openly even after marriage. Everyone knows about it and it is very much part of our society and it takes place in every household, but in closed rooms and behind closed doors. And that’s why sex is a taboo but marriage isn’t. 

In India, sex happens to be a taboo for ages and it still is. With education, some people have opened up about it, with their children. But in most areas, people do not talk about it at all. Not with their family members, with their friends, with their siblings. Some of us may share or are too open to this conversation. But not all people are comfortable with having such talks. 

It is about the openness in the mentality and being comfortable in having such a conversation. If a girl is getting married, her mom will, all of sudden, start talking about sex. But before that, they never had such conversations. Outside India and in many developed countries, parents are okay with their children having sex (as we see in the series or movies). Students, there have sex education as a compulsory subject and hence, they know about it. 

In India, virginity (mainly of girls), is so important that there are certain tests to pass on your first wedding night. And as a girl, I always thought the hymen thing was true and I need to save my virginity till I get married. But a few months back, I read somewhere and I realized, all these years, a lie was fed to us (girls) and the hymen, actually, is so thin that it can be broken without having sexual intercourse, as well. But all the people of society made us think about virginity as if it is a big deal and still many people have the same ideology in their minds. 

If you see the recent case of Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya, who got married to his girlfriend after her pregnancy confirmation. His mother and family members were okay with it because they are knowledgeable about everything, from relationships to sex. There is lust and people do feel that (exceptions are always there). There have been many such cases in Bollywood too. Fans and people of the society thought of this as a different case, and memes were made of it. 

So, it’s your choice, to have sex before marriage or after it because there is nothing wrong in that. It’s okay to have physical relationships, as long as it is a protected one. Whether you are a girl or a boy, it’s your body, your life and your choice. I know our families don’t really accept this. But as we are developing and educating ourselves as a country, we need to open and break these myths. There are people who don’t just have sexual intercourse for making babies. 

So, girls and boys, it is okay to have intercourse before marriage, as well. But be aware of it and take necessary precautions before, during and after having it. 

Having sex and producing a child is okay in our society. But no one really talks about the actual baby production process. People remain unaware of it unless they do their own research. No one will tell you what is what and no one will talk about it, even in your own family. The thing is, it is really important to talk about it because children who do these things at an early age without proper knowledge of it are taking huge risks without knowing about the risks. 

Whenever we see kissing scenes or making out scenes in movies, we either change the channel or will start ignoring the scene. We do this because we are watching it with our family members. But cinema hall mein, friends ke sath dekhne mein kuch nahi jaata hai. 

Sex is still a taboo because we don’t talk about it. Sex is not something, “Yeh kon karta hai, yuk!” kind of thing. Yes, some people are asexual who don’t prefer this. But mostly, people have some desires of watching porn and having sexual intercourse. “Arey bhai, jab karne mein sharam nahi aati hai, toh baat karne mein kyun aa rahi hai.” I am a person who is open about all these taboos. I will tell my “boy”friend (not boyfriend) to use a condom when he is going out on a date or with his girlfriend. I am a cool person and these things are better, if we talk about it. 

So, baat karo aur iss taboo ko society se hatao. It’s just sex, not SEX.