Drugs are not just the tablets and medicines that we take. It includes all the banned materials which people consume today. Drugs, here, refers to the illegal materials that people take to get high. Drugs in India are officially banned and smuggled from outside through unknown sources. However, we know that illegal drugs in India are quite a common affair.

208 million people illegally take drugs internationally. Most people are between the ages of 15-50 years. 

Drugs can be medicines that we take to cure ourselves of diseases. These drugs can also be illegal substances which people take to gain short term benefit. They can be addictive. It can make people do things which they wouldn’t do had they been sober. Drugs also have some harmful side-effects and are still not legal in most countries. But people still take drugs by purchasing it from illegal sources and smuggling it. It is riskier and bad for your health. 

Kinds of drugs

  • Alcohol: 

Alcohol is drinkable made from fruits that get rotten (fermented) after some time. The more fermented the grapes are, the tastier the alcohol will be. Alcohol is mostly legal in India (it is forbidden in some states). However, Alcohol consumption in limited quantity is not that harmful to our health. Some alcohols are even good for health. 

  • Marijuana:

Marijuana comes from plants and is generally available in the form of weed or pot. These plant leaves dry out and then are powdered and it is rolled and is used as cigarettes. Marijuana is not really harmful to health when taken up to some limit. In fact, Marijuana and its effects can Amaze you! Marijuana, like other drugs, is banned in India.

  • Cocaine:

 Cocaine contains caffeine which is good up to a certain extent only. It comes in powder form and is taken through the nose. Cocaine is also barred in India.

  • Sleeping pills: 

There are people who can’t sleep at all. So, for those kinds of people, doctors prescribe sleeping pills so that these people can sleep. But sleeping pills are not good for health and it is addictive, as well. 

Side-effects of drugs

Taking drugs has certain harmful side-effects. These are:

  • Health complications:

Drugs have certain side effects on health. It leads to allergies and skin related issues. For instance, taking sleeping pills daily might not be beneficial as it leads to major mind related problems. 

  • Addiction:

If some person starts taking drugs on a regular basis, they get addicted to it. This addiction is not at all good. Anything done more than required is bad. This also applies to drugs. 

  • Severe diseases:

Drugs can also lead to severe diseases like cancer. Daily consumption of alcohol leads to cancer and even heart failures. These diseases are deadly. 

  • Suicidal thoughts:

Some drugs have side-effects on the mind and give us suicidal thoughts. These thoughts can be dangerous and hence, drugs must be taken under limits. Many youths today die as they get addicted to drugs and if they don’t have it, they undergo painful and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Why should drugs be legalized?

Drugs should be legalized because:

  • Today, most young people are into drugs. Their parents don’t know they do drugs but youngsters do it. The Younger generation falls into peer pressure and gets into drugs as it is addictive. So, it’s better to legalize drugs with age limits and certain restrictions. 
  • Drugs have become a common thing for most people and these people are okay with it. If you do drugs within limits, it’s okay. 
  • Drugs are illegal but people still get the supply and have it. So, it’s better to legalize it and have control over it. 
  • Some legal drugs are more harmful than illegal drugs. So, it would be good if illegal drugs are legalized because of fewer side-effects. 
  • The legalization of drugs may also decrease the price of drugs. Drugs are expensive as it passes through a long channel of distribution. 


If drugs are limited, it will not cause much harm. But if a person drinks daily, smokes daily, it becomes a problem. People get addicted and it damages the lungs and other organs. The government doesn’t want to legalize drugs in India as there is no benefit for them in it. Cigarettes and alcohol give a good amount of tax but drugs aren’t that beneficial. However, I feel that it would be better if they legalize it because drugs get their way to the public through illegal means.

In Spite of the side-effects of drugs, people continue to take it. People take illegal, as well as, legal drugs. If illegal drugs are legalized, it would give certain people relief. But consumption limits must be set beforehand so that it doesn’t harm or have serious complications on people’s health. 

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