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Female Genital Mutilation(India) An Issue Under Shadows

Female Genital Mutilation(India): An Issue Under Shadows

Traditions, rituals, culture! How do you think are traditions formed? What are rituals influenced by? What makes culture and what binds our identity to it? Well, one thing that I know for sure is that our mentality majorly affects our traditions, rituals, cultures. Patriarchy is

Exams during the pandemic - Exams versus Life

Exams During The Pandemic – Exams versus Life

Exams during the pandemic have been a controversial topic. Students have been anxious about exams all this time. Exams or life? At this time, the authorities seem to be confused. Are exams more important than life? To what extent can you go to follow a

Financial Independence for Women - Why Is It Important

Financial Independence for Women – Why Is It Important?

Financial independence makes a person secure and strong in themselves. It is the only way to reach greater heights and achieve higher goals. Financial Independence for women is non-negotiable now. The cultural and social stigma stuck makes financial independence for women much more important now.

The Plight of Indian Farmers

What is the condition of farmers? Agriculture is the most popular occupation in rural India. It is the only source of income for many rural families. The Indian farmer works hard day and night and provides us with a variety of vegetables, pulses, etc. But

Development: A way of destructing environment

Development is a way to improve the infrastructure of our surroundings. It is a way to upgrade the environment we live in. For instance, all the technological advancements, the roads, the airports, the buildings, etc., are part of development. But development also leads to the

teen suicide is a rising case of concern

Teen Suicide – A Rising Case of Concern

The excerpt from a poem titled, I’m Hiding Deep Inside, written by a teenager, is quite unfortunate. It is a shared ache of unsaid words among several teenagers of our time. Teenagers struggle with several issues today. With rising cases of body shaming, drug addictions, cyberbullying,

floods in India

Why Do Floods Recur Every Year?

When the Monsoon comes, it brings happiness among farmers as they need to grow their crops. It brings happiness among people. After extreme summers, they need a little break and rain to cool down the weather. Every year, half of our country faces floods just

sex is a taboo

Is Sex Still A Taboo in Our Country?

In India, marriage is very important and a big thing. But people don’t talk about sex openly even after marriage. Everyone knows about it and it is very much part of our society and it takes place in every household, but in closed rooms and


Can Cyberbullying Lead to Suicidal Thoughts?

‘Such toned waist’, ‘I wish I had a thigh gap like hers’, ‘Oh! your stretch marks are disgusting’, ‘Wait, you had a breakup in just ten months?’, ‘You are too dumb to be an Asian’, ‘Such a desperate boy’, ‘Who’d marry you at 38 when

ways to be responsible during the pandemic

Ways to be Responsible During the Pandemic

The ongoing global pandemic has affected the lives of every individual in every corner of the world to a great extent. In terms of economy, health, education, and job opportunities. Everyone around the world is finding their ways to tackle the problem. How can you

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Sex Education and Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Since time and again, conversations about sex has always been awkward. It remains a hush with misguiding, incomplete information. This is because talking about sex was always considered to be bad and immoral. This is by the societal norms that we have made a part