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Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating Everyday

Let’s be honest, this definitely isn’t the first article that you have keenly examined to prevent yourself from procrastinating. Procrastinating is deeply rooted and it is definitely not a habit that can be let go of in one day. But slowly and surely, you can

Beauty Does Not Lie in Physical Appearance

Beauty Does Not Lie in Physical Appearance

“Beauty fades but, the essence of your personality stays forever”  truly said. What is beauty?  That perfect body? That toned figure? That cheerful smile? Those mesmerizing eyes? Or that fair skin? The definition of beauty lies within your mental thinking. It’s true though that the

gaur gopal das

Gaur Gopal Das – An Inspiring Personality 

When we talk about the life of a monk, we always consider it to be boring, spiritual, less joyful, and difficult. When we picture a monk, we think of a person probably of age 50 or 60 plus. Yes, even I had the same mentality


Women are The Future! 

We all are aware of the patriarchal culture. Not only India as a society but the entire world has been dominated by the patriarchal society for a very long time. Women were suppressed by men who made them feel inferior to them.  Today, the future

an internship

An Internship: All You Need to Know

Some of us are so focused on getting a job since childhood. So, we directly jump into the ocean of internships as soon as we pass our 12th standards. There is no particular time when you should start applying for a particular internship. Our experience

freedom and independence

What is Real Independence?

As we all know,15th August is the Independence day of India. Everyone feels the emotion of patriotism this day. But, what is real independence?  Are Indians really independent? We read and hear about the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to make us independent and