Pandemic changed our lives in many different ways. It affected various aspects of our lives. It was also the time when the only means of staying connected to your friends and acquaintances was through social media. Many people were dependent on social media platforms for their livelihood. But the excessive use of social media can affect the physical and mental health of a person.

There are many ways in which social media can affect one’s mental health. They are as follows : 


1) Comparison of our lives with others :

Social media posts by the influencers amaze us. We start comparing our lives with them and forget that people don’t post their failures on social media. Also, we start focusing on what we don’t have, rather than being grateful for what we have. We ignore the fact that everyone puts up their best side on social media, whereas there are still parts of their lives that we do not see. Do not get deceived by what you are made to see. 

factors affecting mental health: comparison, jealousy, virtual friends

2) Sense of Jealousy 

We see the best of people’s lives. Sometimes, it creates a sense of jealousy. Instead of focussing on their own lives, they burnout watching other people. This can create serious health issues. You see other people enjoying and there’s a sense of FOMO. This is mentally unhealthy to a certain extent. 


3)The era of Virtual friendships 

People draw themselves away from their close ones, to maintain a consistent relationship with their virtual friends and followers on online platforms. You might be sitting with a friend, going live with your followers, interacting with them, while a person is sitting beside you whom you can talk with. This is addictive. When you really need someone in your difficult times, real-life friends will be the ones who are going to offer a helping hand. Because of these habits, people feel alone when they really need a person to talk to. 


4) Social Media trolls 

Social media trends can be entertaining. These days trolling trend has made a place on online platforms and is very common. But no one bothers to the feelings of the person being trolled. People make trolls out of anything and it can be fun for those who are the spectators but the person being trolled has to go through major mental health issues. It can also lead to people committing self-harm and suicides. 

social media ,faking lifestyle affects mental health

5) Faking a lifestyle 

On the other side of people who compare are the people who fake their lifestyle to maintain their image on social media or to gather huge engagement on their posts. There’s serious pressure due to this, which can even lead to depression. 

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