Earlier we had an internet café where we could access the internet. But now, we have our own internet! We use @,# , etc to put our thoughts or to support others. India is a democratic country, giving everyone the right to speak. We all use 5-6 apps daily and regularly. However, Many people consider social media as a negative platform while some live in social media for 24*7. They live through it in a good source by producing good content and more insightful news to the world. Therefore, people not only learn, but also promote their products and grow their business through social media. 

Why is social media important for a business?

Social media is a great platform for the business landscape. It is one of the aspects of digital marketing which takes your business worldwide. Besides, you can reach your customers online.

Let’s see a person who is a startup entrepreneur in social media business.

Mr. KS. Bhatia at ‘pumpkart’ sells pumps through online business. At first, he faced the challenge of logistics. Logistics is the big hurdle in the country. Mostly 40% of people who use pumps are agricultural and they are from rural areas. When they went their business online for the first 17 days they didn’t get a single order. For the first month they did business around 70,000. Next month they did business of rupees 7lakh which is ten times more than the first month. Within six month their business has gone to 30 lakhs a month.


How will being online help your business 

The biggest advantage of being online is the benefits of search. If someone searches for a business, same as yours, and if you’re digitally present then your store appears on the website. When the customer clicks a link to your website, they can learn more about your business. The viewers might watch a video you posted about the update of your store. Moreover, good reviews of happy customers are always a plus one! They might search for the price and find your store on a map. Online customers might even search for your business on social media sites to know more about your business and to see the photos that you have uploaded about your business. 


Targeted Advertising 

target advertising

Digital marketing allows you to show targeted advertising to people when they’re looking for what you offer. Using search advertising you can show ads to potential customers. You must learn to use analytics tools to find out if people clicked on your ad, watching video. The tools and technology are easy to learn and use. 


Three Keys of social media business 

1. Brand building

Firstly, digital marketing helps you to customers business through brand visibility among your customers. It allows you to reach a bigger audience. Social media customer service strategy increases your brand recognition.

3 keys of social media for a business

2. Omni Channel engagement

Secondly, it is a multi channel sales that helps the customer to be provided with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can enjoy shopping through mobile, desktop or even any technology devices. 

3. Business growth

And thirdly, the interaction between the customers and owner grows. 70% of the business grows through online marketing. 


Positive effects of Social Media 

positive effect of social media for a business

New dimension to omni channel

For starters, customers choose social media as the main source to interact with a brand. Social media is a powerful tool to engage with customers through different social media handlings. Providing an omni channel is one of the aspects of business. It is more important to use the right tools, system which can help the business to deliver omni channel experience. 

Helps to reach out bigger audience

Secondly, social media is an ideal way to create Brand awareness among the public. 

Segment your audience

Further, make sure that your target is to make an audience or not. 

Make use of visuals

In addition, once you have gained an audience, make use of the next step to grab them with content, attractive visuals and boost engagement.

Initiate conversations

Also, make sure that you reply to all queries from the customers. Involve yourself in tagging and mentioning others. 

Measure your efforts

It is important to know the level of efforts of your social activity through external tools. 

Media creates word of mouth

Equivalently, the arrival of interactive social media, the patterns, role and impact of word of mouth. Due to this online business is shaped. Most of the customers see online reviews as personal recommendations made by friends and family. 

SSM is economical

Similarly, social media marketing is more perceived as a more targeted type of advertising. Correspondingly, social media campaigns produce a lot of shares, generate more views. Therefore, create shareable content and advertisement.

Cultivate customer feedback. A single person’s share of messages or re-tweets about your business may reach to thousands of people without cost. 

First hand customer feedback

Consequently, this helps to improve brand image, reputation and relationship with the customers. The customer will feel that they are heard and valued. Responding to every post is the major impact on social media business. This will allow you to showcase how much you value your customer suggestion and comment. 


Improves user engagement

Furthermore, customers engage with their social media accounts every day. It is essential to make your brand capture enough attention. Setting social media, creating quality content, posting attracting posts, building and engaging them effectively is a big effort. Keep your brand at the top of the newsfeed. 

 Boost your brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the themes of every business.

Resistance in competition

Additionally, the competitive market brand loyalty is hard. Customers have multiple choice but perceptions of your brand should add real value to the customers. 

Meaningful engagement

Moreover, loyal social media followers interact with your posts and create meaningful conversations. 

 Brand advocacy 

Lastly, Loyal customers advocate about the brand positively; they don’t need persuasion. 


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