Don’t do this. This is unlucky. That is wrong. This is the sign of sin. That is unfortunate. Blah blah…

Are you also ever listen to this type of stuffs?  

If yes then you know what this is. This is superstition. Or in normal you can say andh-vishwas. Or something which is just our imagination nothing in real.

What is Superstition?

Superstition is the belief or fear of the unknown, trust in black magic or chance, or a false sentiment of causation or distraction of mind towards supernatural powers or god.

what is superstitions

Superstition is not always bad. Yes, it indeed has two faces. One is positive and another one is negative. But as a human being, it’s natural that we always move towards negative than positive.

And another thing is that it is not harmful every time. As I told you earlier it has two faces. So, the positive side sometimes gives you courage, reduce your anxiety, make you feel, peace and calm. Or sometimes make you strong.

Now I know you are a little bit confused about which positive side am talking about.

Suppose you are going for your exams and you are very nervous and feeling depressed. Then suddenly you see the face of your lucky charm and he/she wish you “all the best or best of luck” from the very next moment you feel very relaxed because now you are confident that he/she is lucky for you and now everything will be best.

So, are you agree with that or not?

I know you are because it’s very common and we all face it in our daily life. Even me too.

Now let’s see both the faces of superstition. We start with the

Negative Effects or Bad Luck:

Breaking a mirror

Superstitious persons believe that breaking a mirror is bad luck for 7 years. Mirror was thought to be the reflection of the soul. So it was believed to be harmful to the soul. And maybe 7 years because it is the time taken by the body to replace all the cells in your physical body.

negative superstitions effect

Black cat

The superstition of black cats is still. You always heard your mom when any black cat cut your path on the way to stop for some time. Because it’s bad luck. In the middle ages, it was thought that witches keep black cats as their companion. Even the powerful men’s like Hitler & Napoleon were terrified of the black cat.

Don’t stop out during an eclipse

Superstition about the eclipse is also very famous. Observing the sun during a solar eclipse may result in loss of eyesight, retinal burns or eclipse blindness. But superstition about Rahu’s head blocking the sun is strongly woven around this society.

Do not sleep with you head facing North

Sleeping with one’s head in the north is “inviting death” had you listened it. It’s because there is a relation between the earth & the human body. And it results in harmful effects related to blood pressure and other diseases that asymmetry with the earth magnetic field would create.

negative superstitious

Do not wash your hair on Certain Days

This practice of not washing your hair on Thursday and Saturday is attributed by some to the water management practices. But people make it as superstition of wealth or money loss.

● Sweeping the floor after sunset.

It’s a common misconception that sweeping after dawn brings bad lucks. But there is a reason may be in dark you may lose your something precious.


Positive Effects or Good Luck

Knocking on wood or Touch Wood

Whenever we wish something or someone appraises us then we touch or knock any wooden thing around us and say “touch wood”. The superstition says that good spirits resided in trees who could be either called upon for protection or chased away by knocking on their home.

positive superstitions

Lucky Horseshoe

Horseshoe is considered as a good luck charm reside in its vulval contour and the devotion of the pagan moon goddess Diana.

Fingers Crossed

The superstition of crossing fingers is still. In starting we cross our index finger with the index finger of another person and then after some time people realize that they simply bless their own wish by crossing their two index fingers and now people across the middle finger with the ring finger of their one hand which is what we do today. The superstition behind this is to concentrate the forces of good spirits and to seal a pact or a wish with the fellow crosser.

Itchy Palms

You are familiar with this. Whenever your palms get itchy then your elder says. That now you are going to be blessed with some extra money. This is also deemed as good luck.

Positive effect of superstitions

Birds Twittering

Birds chirping or twittering delivers you a message of something good or will bring your wealth.


Having moles on your specific body parts like in mid-eyebrows, palm, toe and forehead deemed as very lucky and fortunate. Superstition says having a mole on eyebrows will make a lot of money.


How Superstitious Are You?

People feel uneasy in accepting it, that they are a superstitious person. But the reality is we all are superstitious you and me also. We all believe in some superstitions not all. And I don’t think that it is wrong. Anything which gives you dignity, harmony and sometimes helps you in harsh situations is never bad.

Yaa, but some superstitions are wrong also behind them there is neither science nor sense. So, be sensible of them. And enjoy your life in your way.

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