In our busy lives, we do not give time to ourselves and tend to forget what is important for us. The most important thing for every human being is self-care.  Yes, we lack behind in self-care, self-love, priorities, introspection, etc. Allowing the brain to rest is as important as giving our skin that much-needed dab of moisturiser. Having enough sleep is as important as that project submission! This blog is a reminder about The Lack of Sleep And Its Side Effects. WHY? Because we are prioritising every race in life, but not rest. 

Yes, work is important but we are living in a stressful world. Prioritising our work is an essential part of life but sleep is equally important. In fact, I believe that sleep is an integral part of self-care! So, before diving into The Lack of Sleep And Its Side Effects,  here are my two cents on self-care!

Self-care is not just binge-watching Netflix, having loads of dessert or soda, using face-masks and karaoke nights. Self-care means loving ourselves, accepting the way we are and taking care of little habits to improve our lifestyle.

To calm down our minds, to relax and to avoid toxicity we must take care of our sleeping cycle. Sleeping releases tension and makes our mind free. Engulfed in our busy work schedule, family meetings and issues, we often forget to take care of our sleep. Nowadays, binge-watching has come up as a new trend, which keeps us awake all night. This is really not good for our health and mind! 

Side effects from Lack of Sleep

Side effects from lack of sleep range from hypertension, irritation and frustration to unlikeliness towards work & depression. Not sleeping properly also results in several health issues- obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. The focus towards anything is shaken to an extreme level and then we become grumpy towards everything. We lose the concentration power and patience to do any work. 

Poor mental health:

poor mental health

Sleepless nights or sleeping at the wrong time/hours can lead to irritation and a short-temper. Moreover, chronic sleep disorder can lead to depression and anxiety. Proper sleep boosts mental wellbeing and keeps our mind relaxed and tension free. It keeps us away from unwanted thoughts and stress.

We have talked about techniques to improve sleep in a previous blog No good sleep, No good health. You could visit this link to find ways to sleep better.

Lack of sleep can lead to unwanted weight gain:

Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night tend to gain more weight. Thus, they have higher chances of obesity than others. Following proper sleep-timings helps us to lose weight and also reduces the chances of weight gain.

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Poor immunity:

If you seem to catch a cold and flu very often, your bedtime could be the one to blame. Prolonged lack of sleep can disrupt your immune system, hence you’re less able to fend off bugs.

Increased risk of Diabetes:

Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 6 or 5 hours have a higher chance of getting diagnosed with diabetes. Lack of sleep can lead to type 2 diabetes by changing the way the body processes glucose, which the body uses for energy. So, if we sleep on time and be punctual about it, we can avoid encountering all these unwanted troubles in our life.

Better sleep, better heart-health:

better heart rate

Chronic sleep increases both heart rate and blood pressure. It also leads to higher levels of chemicals linked with inflammation, putting extra strain on your heart.

If we want to keep our heart healthy, we definitely need to improve our sleep cycle.

Lack of sleep results in skin-ageing:

Almost everyone has experienced puffy eyes and dark circles due to lack of sleep. Studies also revealed that lack of sleep can lead to lacklustre skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. Due to lack of sleep, our body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Excess amounts of cortisol can break down the skin collagen, which helps in keeping the skin smooth, soft and elastic. 

It is extremely essential to take care of our sleep to relax our mind. We need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep daily to have our body and mind function properly. These were just a handful of side effects from lack of sleep. In reality, lack of sleep and its side effects go much deeper.

As a general rule, if you wake up tired and spend the whole day longing for a chance to take a nap, it’s likely that you’re not getting enough sleep.

For a better sleep cycle, try to stick to your sleep schedule and create a restful environment around yourself. Meditation is really helpful for the mind, soul and body. It helps to boost sleep as it calms down our mind. Avoid sleeping in the daytime as you might not get sleep at night because of this reason. Also, it is imperative to take care of our diet. Always remember, good sleep is as important as regular exercises and a healthy diet because No good sleep means No good health!

Get your night bulbs on, what are you waiting for?