Consuming tobacco is an age-old fashion and has increased at a very rapid rate ever since then. It just doesn’t seem to end. But, the good news is that a lot of people are now interested. Interested in knowing more about tobacco and it’s harmful effects. At the end of this article, you will not have any doubts. You will be able to help many people around you. Let’s dive straight into Tobacco Consumption and its threat to life.

But first,

What does science say about tobacco consumption?

  • The total burden of cancer will increase as the tobacco-induced cancer epidemic accelerates and as the world population ages.
  • In 2002, about 11 million new cases of cancer emerged and about 7 million people died of cancer, worldwide.
  • Oral cancer accounts for over 30% of cancers reported in our country. It ranks in the top three of all cancers in India.
  • The burden of oral cancer is not fully aware of in India, despite its poor survival rate.
  • The conduction of the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) in India (in 2009–2010). It reported the highest prevalence in the use of Areca nut-based tobacco products. Mainly among the males in Madhya Pradesh followed by Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi.

The government’s efforts in the past few years, such as banning smoking in public places, has led to a marked decrease in smoking. However, at the same time, an increase in smokeless tobacco variety has occurred. This could be due to the smokeless type being more socially acceptable. Another reason might, also, be the cheap price of tobacco. It is more affordable than the basic food items and aids them in suppressing their hunger.

A lot of research was conducted in the past to know the behavior, beliefs, and perspectives of tobacco consumers. This researches involved asking participants about their experiences. The information was useful in understanding the underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations about tobacco misuse and disuse.

In fact, pornography addiction is another big problem India is facing.

The answer? Tobacco consumption was, is, and will always be harmful.

Tobacco has a substance called nicotine, which causes addiction. The person tends to take more and more of it. They don’t realize that long term use of smokeless tobacco can lead to lung cancer and oral cancer. If you are someone who is a victim of this habit and notice some changes, it might be precancerous lesions. My advice would be to seek a doctor, as soon as possible without any delays.

Now let us get to the root cause of the problem to help you get rid of this habit. 

Peer Pressure –

Recent studies have shown that most people get into this habit because of peer pressure. You won’t even realize how your quest to try something “just once” might turn into a lifetime of suffering. Especially things that are addictive and harmful to the body.

Lack of awareness –

People are not fully aware, they lack proper knowledge. Thus, the fact about Tobacco’s harmful effects is unknown.

Ignoring the package warnings –

Everyone sees the warning on the boxes of tobacco which is “Tobacco causes cancer“. Still, people ignore the warnings. The extent of Tobacco’s addictive nature is seen. It makes people irresponsible about their own health.

Misleading TV advertisements – 

People blindly follow well-known stars, promoting tobacco consumption through advertisement. Let’s be honest here, the actors do this only for money because it’s their job. But, as a viewer and customer, it’s our responsibility to decide what is good for us and what’s not.

Less to no dental checkups –

Harsh truth but yes, people are least bothered with it which leads to gum problems. The patients visit the dentist only when the problem becomes so severe and out of the doctor’s control. The precancerous lesions in the initial stages only need to be cured. But once ignored, the circumstances can be life-threatening.

Nowadays, a lot of NGOs and health institutions are working towards spreading information about tobacco consumption and it’s harmful effects. The conduct of a lot of free campaigns in many villages and cities takes place. They are aimed towards making the general public be more aware of their health.

Here is what you can do to help tobacco consumption and addiction.

Seek professional help:

The very first thing you should do is to go and visit a doctor and talk about your condition.

Anti-tobacco drugs: 

There are plenty of Anti-tobacco medicines available in the market. However, you should only take them after a doctor’s written prescription.

Saving money in a piggy bank:

Whenever you think of buying cigarettes, toss the money into your piggy bank. Eventually, you will see the results when you will have a lot of money. It will also help you quit tobacco easily.

Learn to say No:

Whenever you are under peer pressure, as a responsible person, learn to say no to tobacco. You need to, also, help your friends and family do the same.

 Try these healthy habits, save your life and the lives of people around you. Stay aware and quit tobacco consumption. Also, you can find similar blogs on drugs misuse such as Marijuana and its effects!

Wishing you loads of health!