“Lipsticks darken your lips and Eye makeup makes you blind…” and our favourite, “makeup invites attention!” BloggerBunny is here to burst such TOP 5 Makeup Myths we all grow up believing in.

The world is a funny place, right? Let us address it, makeup is very subjective. Some feel complete with makeup, some use it as a confidence booster, some use it to hide spots or blemishes that they aren’t comfortable with while some feel comfortable and/or confident without makeup! There are various taboos and myths associated with the use of cosmetics and some are so funny that it hurts, trust me! Without further delay, let’s get started and break top makeup myths!

Myth #1: Makeup is harmful to your skin

To a certain extent, yes. Makeup is bad for your skin but when we say makeup causes wrinkles, flakiness, dry skin, and oily skin issues – that ain’t true, baby girl! ‘Biology’ is the main culprit for these issues. Usually, makeup doesn’t look good on dry skin or oily skin, but that’s not the cause. Following a good skincare routine is important to cure the reak roots of the issue caused.

Myth #2: Makeup can replace sunscreen

Many people consider makeup an alternative for sunscreen because it contains SPF in it. Eventually, it is a BIG MYTH because Spf in makeup products are in diluted form. They are not even as effective as a sunscreen. Also after 15-20 mins, they lost their property of Spf in it. Henceforth, despite all the makeup layers, we must apply sunscreen underneath for protection from the deadly UV rays.

Myth #3: High-end makeup is better than Drugstore makeup

People often think that expensive products are always better than lower-priced products. But that isn’t always a case. Products only depend on the ingredients it consists of. Until the ingredients in the two products remain the same, the only difference between the high-end and drugstore brands is the price tag.

Myth #4: Sleeping with Makeup does not harm your skin

Many times people do not feel removing makeup is important before going to bed. In fact, we are lazy most of the times.

Keeping makeup overnight on your faces causes a lot of issues like clogging your pores and disturbing the whole process of regeneration and repairment of your skin. These lead to breakouts and bacteria to develop. Therefore it is very essential to clean and follow a proper skincare routine before going to bed.

Believing your skin is a genie that will heal itself without you taking care is a top makeup myth you fall for. After all, your skin needs a soft, warm good night’s sleep too!

Myth #5: Eye cream reduces Dark circles

There is a huge number of products in the market that claims to remove your dark circles and puffiness under the eyes in a certain period of time. but is it possible for any eye cream to resolve the issues? There are no pieces of evidence and/or researches that claim that eye cream needs different ingredients than face and neck area creams. So, why spend your hard-earned money and hopes on such things when you can have some awesome food instead? If your skin around eyes is more dryer than the rest of your face that doesn’t mean you need different cream for that area. Instead, you need to be a little more gentle to that area, moisturize it well, and do not rub. A well-formulated serum is enough and a good product to use on the entire face.

This post on breaking top 5 makeup myths is by Prachi Singh – a budding Makeup artist also known as Vibrant Tales. She is a 21-year-old B.Tech student with a great creative bent and love for makeup. Stay tuned to know more!