We all know the current situation around us, the chaos, different stories, different assumptions and what not. Amidst all this chaos, true fans and admirers of SSR and movies paid tribute to him in different ways. So this is my attempt of doing the same.

I decided to write this particular article as one of my friends wanted me to put his feelings into words.

It was around 1 AM, I got a text saying yaar maine abhi dobara se Dil Bechara dekhi”.

Yeah, isn’t this justified? Every single person who admired him, even the ones who didn’t know much about him, were somber. Once again he left us all in tears and dismal regrets. Remember the moment when we got the news about his demise?

The pain we all felt as if someone very close to our hearts has left us, even though he was a celebrity? Remember those news flashes and social media storms, people talking about mental health and reaching out to each other?

That sudden feeling of regrets for not supporting this soul full of talents and, most importantly, remember those remarks made on nepotism? My question is, will this act of kindness, the act of hearing out people and being there for each other, will it last or will it just fade away like many of the social media trends?

We got to know about so many inside ventures, so many stories fueling the event, different views and different reflexes, but the reason behind all of this was the same. An actor who was going through mental health issues and decided to end his sufferings. The people who were truly his fans and admirers know the marvelous choice of movies by SSR and his thoughts behind the same.

His Career

He started his career with television serials. SSR was loved by many. He got fame from his serial called Pavitra Rishta, which was again loved by many. It was a long journey and back in those days he got his first movie break and did his debut film named ‘Kai Po Che’, a masterpiece in itself.

He worked in various movies but the one which made people love him and admire him was the biopic namedMS Dhoni- the untold story’. It was this movie which gave him fame not just because it was MS Dhoni’s biopic but also because Sushant acted and portrayed this character brilliantly.

How can we forget some movies of SSR, like Kedarnath and Chhichhore? Which was again loved by all and influenced us all in many ways.

And it was just yesterday when the whole nation saw his last movie Dil Bechara, which once again left our hearts broken.

Remember when Kizzi says “Nothing stays Hamesha”, did your heart not skip a beat and you didn’t think about this man?



Talking about his movies and looking back at those masterpieces he delivered, the sound tracks and obviously the dialogues, they all inspire and influence us in so many different ways.


Kai Po Che:


The movie is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel called, ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’.

Chetan Bhagat, in one of his interviews, said that it is a real film without frills.

He said he was confident enough to let a newcomer play the protagonist rather than some famous Bollywood Biggy.

The film was too simple and was purely based on the concept of portraying true friendship without any buzz and rich kids.

It deals with the various things a person faces while building his or her career, achieving goals and making their parents proud.

That particular part of the movie where Ishaan, played by Sushant Singh, asks his friend,

“tum 90° par chal to skte ho! Par kya tum 90° par race lga skte ho”

portrays how he inspired his friends to keep moving even in difficult times.

The songMANJHA fills us with the spirit to keep moving in life and inspires us to focus on our goals.

The movie truly is a must watch go binge it already if you haven’t.



top 3 ssr movie

The movie simply portrays a romantic plot based on an interfaith love story.

It tells the story of a rich Brahmin girl and a Muslim boy, depicting the major social issue of inter-religious conflicts.

As this is one of the most common issues prevailing in our society.

When Mansoor says: Koi qubool nahi karega is rishte ko.’  Sara asks him: “Tum Karoge?” , leaving the audience in speculation.

The film portrays this very well and shows the various difficulties and cruelties the couple goes through.

It also includes the 2013 Uttarakhand floods which were the major test for the two.

The soundtracks of this movie are truly amazing especially the song ‘Jaan Nisar’, it puts into words the things lovers face or go through, it depicts the bond and fondness of two people.

Again, the movie is absolutely a must watch and if you are hopelessly romantic and sensitive at the same time, want to shed some tears, go watch it asap.



ssr movies top 3

One of the many admired movies of SSR, the movie portrays the best phase of one’s life. Especially the ones who are trolled the most. Yes, our engineer friends. It tells the story of a bunch of friends who manage to stay in touch. Even after settling in their lives.

A tragic incident in Anni’s life takes him back to his college days in an attempt to rekindle hope in his son’s life who tries ending his life. Anni and his friends ask Raghav to face his surgery and upcoming life, as a fighter, disregarding the tags of winner and loser.

The movie is full of comedy and as well as sensitiveness. It inspires the youth to face their failure instead of ending things. This specific dialogue flooded social media. It clearly shows that Sushant didn’t practice what he preached and ended up ending his life.

The one who inspired others failed to inspire himself.

This movie of SSR – OUR HERO – will surely leave you with nostalgia and regrets.

Dil Bechara:

top 3 ssr movies

Teaches us to keep fighting until that last breath. No disease is bigger than our will to live and the day we lose that will, we are dead already.

This movie is special in so many ways. Sadly it is for the last time we see him hiding his pain in his acting. Yet expressing the same pain, as it feels like he isn’t acting at all.

The movie is based on John Green’s novel ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. The two souls fighting their own battles end up developing feelings for each other. Yet are afraid to lose each other.

The song ‘Main Tumhara’ left incomplete by the singer in the movie itself was the reason they ended up bonding so well. ‘Manny’ played by Sushant stays strong. Even though he knew that it could be any moment he might be breathing his last breath.

Seri! Personally speaking,I don’t know why it sounds so emotional, it wrenched my heart the last time he says seri. His last moments and dialogues like, “Will you miss me”, sure feels like he was talking about his own self in reality. This movie is the reason I wrote this article in particular. My friends and I discussed and talked about SSR in movies.  How real his performance were, how real the story felt, how real the dialogues were.

From Sushant saying “I want to attend my own funeral” to Kizzi saying, “Nothing stays Hamesha”,  the movie surely will stay in our hearts forever.

The clip of SSR from movie, playing the guitar and a few words written by him left goosebumps,

“The difference between what is miserable, and that, which is spectacular, lies in the leap of faith #selfmusing”

Once again leaving us with the thought of keeping track of our lives, reality check and introspection.

He taught us all to enjoy our lives, keep moving in times of despair, keep fighting till our last breath. We may know or not know but he surely fought till his last breath.

And he will always shine bright as one of those stars which he used to admire.

He will live on with us. The movies of SSR are his breathe today. He will never fade away.

Picture Courtesy- Instagram