Have you ever tried hitting the gym for working out the tension but the plan has never worked out? You may have even tried doing yoga but you never were able to do it consistently, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry! Sometimes, all it takes sometimes is just a simple walk in a garden or a park to kick your stress and tensions away.  Through this blog, I would enlighten you with my favourite and top 5 Benefits of Walking in Nature that you experience once you start doing it with the belief that “Nature Heals Everything”. 

Are you wondering that you have done it a lot but hardly felt any good at those times???

Well, that is simply because you did it without believing in Nature’s power. Yes! Your purpose, your connection and trust matters. So, read this blog to find out the benefits of walking in nature.

Walking in nature is the cheapest but most effective way of Healing

So, it may be funny but it is true. It is easily affordable for anyone and everyone. Luckily, nature has still not asked us for money in return for helping us. Why waste money on some extravagant memberships or even food items?  You can even do some equipment-free exercises in the parks around you if you feel comfortable. Easy and comfortable!

Walking in nature reduces many health problems

 By walking in nature, many health problems such as rising blood pressure can be improved. Walking around trees also produce some kind of nurturing oils known as “PHYtoncides” with the help of which our nervous system functions better. Amazing, isn’t it?

Walking in nature cures melancholy to let you stay happier and calmer

Do you often feel sad or low? If so, just go out there in the open air and relish the fresh air that you get. Staying beneath the trees and around plants will easily distract you from your saddening thoughts and give you something nice to think about. Nature will refresh your brain and make you feel as if your mind has been through a washing machine, really!

As a 21st century human, young teens, adults and the aged are facing immense stress. Specifically, the youth of today is burdened with the Aggressive Social Media: Trolls and Disrespectful Comments. So, if you are suffering too, please seek medical help and also try the benefits of walking in nature.

Walking in nature makes you more creative and productive 

Are you a person from the creative field? If you are not feeling productive or creative then that can also be solved by nature. HOW? All you have to do is try to not use phones and other digital media. Make up your mind to go on a stroll in the park. That is all that you shall need to get new ideas. Add these to your mental notes or even on paper. Go get it!

Walking in nature improves spiritual Well-Being and sleep

No matter what, sleep is very essential for a healthy mind and body. Strolling through nature, in the warm sun rays, can have a deep impact on your sleeping pattern giving you better sleep. Also, getting involved with the greenery of the parks and flowers around you raise your inner spirits by getting the negative vibes out of you. So, do not ignore your night’s sleep and peace because No Good Sleep means No Good Health.

These were not only the TOP 5 benefits of walking in nature but also, my 5 most-favourite benefits of walking in nature, amongst the greens and the peace. What are you waiting for? Let me know if you are going to take that much-needed break from stress and technology!