Interviews are an important task to accomplish. When it is our first interview, it becomes far more important to us to create an impact on the recruiter. I am no expert but hey, I am interning with BloggerBunny. So, I can share my TOP 5 tips on How to crack an interview.

As a student, I used to think about how difficult it was for me to do my first interview. How was your first experience answering the questions asked by your recruiter? These things seem tough to us when they approach us but, eventually, after some time, interviews become common and habitual. Honestly, I was very nervous during my first interview. 

I was scared about what questions they would ask me and what I was going to say. I was terribly nervous at that time. Everyone is nervous and scared during their first interviews. 

Question and learning are where you have to put your efforts but there are some tips and tricks to melt down your recruiter and get your desired job.

What are you thinking? Let’s discuss these tips and tricks to boost your chances to crack an interview and of getting that dream job.


Communication is a skill 

Communication is an important skill to crack an interview. How? Sometimes people relate communication with talking but no, these are two different terms. 

Talking simply means a person who can speak non-stop at any time and place, often known as “badbola”. Whereas, communication means conveying something in a decent and respectful manner. This needs to be properly nourished with quality words and sentences. Good communication is short, crisp, and to the point.

In an interview, it is important to answer the questions asked in a proper manner with accurate information and respectful words. 

Speak only as much as is required. Not only does good communication tell how good your vocabulary is, but it also narrates how confident you are in talking.

Your words and way of expressing yourself determine your future actions and seriousness with the company. It explains how interested you are in taking up the job offer. 

Honesty is the best policy

Bragging about oneself will never lead you to a healthy successful life. Many people pretend to say things they are not good at in their first interviews. What happens then? Have you ever thought about what compels you to say you know python language even if you are at its basic level? There are many reasons for which we usually lie in front of our seniors, elders, and recruiters because the first thing that strikes us is what the other person will think of us if we tell the truth.

Sometimes this lie can land you in trouble; they can ask you questions related to those topics. Which you don’t know.

Tell me what is more embarrassing telling the truth or being unable to answer the questions in front of the recruitment committee? Honesty is the best policy – even with regards to skills to crack an interview. Speak honestly and tell the truth, don’t feel ashamed of not knowing something.

We are all humans, we are all still learning. Tell them the truth about the qualities you hold and let them hire you upon your qualifications. It might be embarrassing to say no to their questions but your way of communicating can make a difference.

Like if you don’t know something simply say “Sir/ma’am, I don’t have any clue regarding it now”.  And suppose they ask a skill that you don’t have, say “Sir/ma’am, I am not capable of this right now but I can surely learn with some guidance”.

Problem-solving nature

The recruiter is sitting there to identify a calm and refined person in you. He is not interested in someone who is constantly confused about his work. If you are a calm and open-minded person, the job is already yours.

A problem-solving personality defines an easy-going person who is ready to welcome challenges and fight back with enthusiasm. It shows that you have the calibre of accepting challenging situations whenever the company faces any problems. These kinds of people always have a solution ready for their problems and they know very well how to meet the deadlines.

If in any case more work is assigned to them, they will never complain; instead, they find ways in completing the task in a manner that will not be stressful. This is a small trait but this problem-solving nature is depicted in the way you present yourself in front of the recruiters.

Your dressing style also matters as it speaks about the type of person you are before you actually talk. Keep in mind to dress formally and talk professionally.

Leadership skill

Are you capable of leading a team of 13-14 players in the field of football? Do you make a good influence on others and can easily convince them?

Leadership quality is a great skill to pursue. Leaders are often seen as examples for the employees they are leading. A leader of a group takes accurate decisions and delivers actions in order to complete the task. He /she decides what is done by each team member and how it should be done. 

The responsibility of a leader is not less than a manager. In fact, the manager only deals with whatever he needs to do to keep the company running but the leader of a particular group takes major decisions keeping in mind the good of every team member from his team. 

You should have a command of people. They should listen to you and obey your command. Rightly said, a good leader becomes a great manager one day.



Body language and good eye contact

Earlier, I told you about the importance of dressing up for an interview. This is where we will learn how it is so important. Body language is the way your body speaks before you. Your choice of clothes, colour, fabric, and, even, little buckle details on the belt defines your personality. More subtle and calm colour choices show what a sophisticated person you are. The one who minds his own business. 

Vibrant colour choices and highlighted details show you crave attention. These people love to flatter others for their own benefits. And they like appreciation a lot. 

Chic and bossy look describes you don’t like people ordering you like a boss. They are their own bosses and don’t like anyone else to command them.

My advice to you would be to choose your outfit beforehand and according to the job you are applying for. 

Eye contact is a symbol of self-confidence. Bright shiny eyes show excitement with happiness.  Eye contact with the person talking to you tells them that, “yes, you are the one, the deserving one for this role.”.

So, these were top 5 tips and skills, in my experience, that you need to crack an interview. Also, in case you are a student looking for opportunities to get in an interview, visit our blog An Internship: All you need to know.

Keep these skills in mind to rock ‘n roll your interviews!