Getting out of schools and entering colleges is like living in a whole new world. The very thought of entering your new college for the first time brings about a shiver up the spine. We can not decide whether to feel excited or anxious or maybe a whole new feeling that you have never felt in your life. Everybody has a unique experience in college and your college life is your unique experience. However, as a fresher once, I bring to you a list of TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life! 

Leaving school, missing childhood buddies, meeting new people,… and the list goes on. We come out of our shells for the first time experiencing the real world. We start living without the constant support of our parents, guardians and take major decisions of our lives all on our own.

College-life is not exactly like you might have imagined or seen in Bollywood movies like Three Idiots or Student of The Year and definitely nothing like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Your experience would differ based on factors like your personality, culture, college, courses, etc. That being said, every fresher must be aware of certain things to not be full-blown by unpleasant and overwhelming experiences.  So, I bring to you this blog on TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life.

TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life

1. Forgetting the essentials

Packing your whole life into a few suitcases is one of the toughest tasks for people who have never packed their own luggage before. You don’t really know what to take and what to leave behind.

Let me just tell you that all your soft toys, comics, fifteen different journals and diaries, tons of makeup and skincare products,  yoga mats, hundreds of paintbrushes and tons of paint and even the pillows on your bed are the things you should be leaving behind.

Keep in mind that you’re not moving to the Moon, there will be shops wherever you are going to college, and there’s a good chance you’ll be struggling for storage in your new hostel room.

Most things aren’t really that important and can be bought later. But some items like your passport, driving license, Adhaar card and other id’s are things that you cannot leave behind. You will also need a lot of passport size photographs for documentation during the first week of college. 

Apart from your important documents and id’s, here are some essential stuff that you should NOT forget.

  • Laptop or tablet and its charger( yes, just that and not a load of techy stuff at least for the first semester)
  • Phone and a  charger and if you don’t like small talk like me make sure to pack your earphones
  • One or two notebooks, a couple of pens and a glue stick (that’s all you’ll need for your first day in college)
  • Don’t bring more than one bag of clothes and keep the dress code in mind while packing. Yes, we get it that some of you would like to be the fashion icon of the college but it is better to bring some staple pieces that could be used in many different outfits.
  • The same goes for shoes. Shoes take up a lot of space so it’s advisable not to bring more than three pairs, one of which should be formal.

Now, there are still a few things that you will need to buy after reaching college. Don’t rush into buying everything in a single day. Wait for a few days. Talk to a few seniors and you will definitely get better deals and discount offers.

  • Books and reference material – Never order your books online. You can ask your seniors to sell their books to you. Sometimes you can also get second-hand books which are in very good condition for free. (If you know which senior to ask for help from.)
  • One plate, one mug, one bowl, a spoon and a fork. Yes, that’s all you need!
  • Snacks and try to make it healthy. Like dry-fruits and nuts.
  • Second-hand furniture. Most hostels provide students with enough furniture but if you have to buy a piece of furniture, go for the second-hand ones or rent it instead of getting a new one. Well, you are not going to use it for more than three years, are you?

If you still feel anxious about what to pack, you’ll get hundreds of checklists on Pinterest which you can follow while packing.

2. School Life Is Over And It’s Time For Adulting

One of the most important things to know in TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life – College life is nothing like school. In school, we have teachers to always tell us what to do and what not to do. We are pretty much on our own in college with no one to guide us or discipline us.

School is the place where we are taught discipline and college is the place where we have to learn how to be disciplined.

College teaches us how to be an adult. Students are treated as adults by professors and are expected to be professional and disciplined. You will be socializing on your own and if you don’t talk to people and stay locked in your hostel rooms, no one would come to help you in making friends. 

In fact, even the professors won’t come to your rescue when you fail an assessment and they are most likely to give you a zero if you don’t submit an assignment before the deadline. 


You must have heard people saying that college is so much fun because the professors don’t care if you attend their classes or not, so you can bunk as many classes as you want. Yes, professors don’t force you to attend their classes because they see you as adults. But, it is advisable not to miss too many classes and try to attend all the classes during the first week, at least. Remember that you need a certain percentage of attendance to give your semester exams. 

The 1st week

The first week is very crucial for the whole upcoming semester as the professors explain to you the syllabus and tell you about the pattern of study.

Introduce yourself to your professors and ask them all your doubts and queries. Visit them during office hours if you have any issues with the subject. When the professor sees your effort in educating yourself on their subject, they could go out of their way to help you out and even refer to additional reference material to you.

Moreover, we all know that “The first impression is the last impression”, so this is the best time to build rapport with the professors and also befriend batchmates and seniors. This is the most appropriate time you can build up friendships and connections in the college.

3. College has characters of every kind

So, you’re probably in a new city, away from family and friends and all alone. You might be very eager to make new friends and declare them as your best friends for life, just after a few hours of conversation at a party or college canteen. 

Avoid oversharing

I want you to calm down and think before you tell your life story to the first friendly person you meet. We often hear that you will find your soulmate in college and because of this, many freshers find themselves devastated and panicked when they don’t discover that special someone or their best friend for life in the first few days.

Though many great friendships are made in the first few weeks of college it’s not always the case, many deeper bonds are made throughout the year and the years to come.

Most importantly, never forget that there will be times where you have to be alone and do certain things on your own. So, learn to enjoy your company as well.

Stay open-minded

From the guy who will always volunteer to help the professor to the girl sleeping on the last seat of the class, from the girl whose Instagram is filled with pictures of New York and London to the guy who is already doing an internship with your dream company and the student who bunk the classes or sleep throughout them and still manage to top the exams, you’ll meet many different kinds of people. Be open-minded and kind to everyone. You never know who could become your close friend or even help you in need.

Be yourself

A common mistake many of the freshers make is that once they enter college they try to be someone they are not. In order to seek validation of others and to make new friends, they overdo and exaggerate certain things. It can be their dress, make-up, flaunting their expensive cell-phones or showing off that they have studied for their internals or got an A in a project. But it actually creates a bad impression about their personality on others, so avoid doing so. Be true to yourself and others, most people value honesty and ethics more than how you are dressed or the phone you use.

4. Insight of the real world – work hard and play harder

Generally, parents tell us that we just have to work hard till the twelfth standard and then we can have fun for the rest of our lives. Sadly, that’s far from the truth. Hard work is the only way to success. Life After College is The Start of Real Life and your college prepares you for it.

Maintain balance

Though college life is meant for fun, we should not forget our purpose in life. We should always maintain a proper balance between studies and fun. No one would stop you from clubbing and bunking classes if you can maintain good scores in your exams and participate in co-curricular activities.

Sometimes, things we do for fun can also lead us to develop an amazing resume and open more opportunities in future. For example, if you like any sports, don’t stop playing just because you are busy socializing. Companies often prefer students who play some kind of sports over those who don’t as play a sport evolves you in many ways. Similarly, you can join the theatre and other clubs of your choice or even learn a foreign language for fun.

5. Participate in things other than academics

Last on the list of TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life but not least: College will give you many opportunities. You’ll get to try new hobbies and explore new things. They’re usually cheap or free, look great on your resume, and you’ll get to meet new people and broaden your horizon.

Have a look around your university’s website for information about the events happening and try to adjust your schedule accordingly. Make sure to attend as many fairs and fests as happening in your department or maybe in other departments if possible. Not only is this a great place to bag a load of experiences, sometimes you might be lucky to get some freebies as well. 

We hope that this blog on TOP 5 Things to Know about College-Life helps you. If you have crossed the transition age, share you experience with us in the comments below. (You can also share the blog with your juniors 😉 ) 

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