For every student who is still confused about what to do in lockdown. It’s already been several months since we have been in this pandemic situation and lockdown in our houses. As before this situation, we always used to exclaim that we don’t have enough time to learn something new, and now, we have plenty of time and what we are doing is nothing, apart from being lazy. So, here are some of the tips for students on how they should utilize this lockdown in developing their skills.

  • Graphics designing

Graphics designing is not a very tough or something very brain-twisting skill, anyone can start with this skill. All you need is just google “what is graphics designing”. You must have used some kind of photo manipulation app on your phone before posting your photo to social media. If we describe graphics designing in very basic terms, it means that creating any kind of digital illustration.
some basic and popular software for starting graphics designing on your own is 

  1. Adobe Photoshop,
  2. Illustrator
  3. InDesign
  4. Inkscape
  5. CorelDraw
    One thing you have to keep in mind is that for starting graphics designing, you must have a good configuration laptop/desktop.


  • Content/blog writing

If you have an interest in writing something or you spend much of your time writing something and collecting data information, then, you must try your hand in content writing. You don’t need to have a good configuration laptop/desktop. You can start with your smartphone. Yesss!! It’s that simple!!

Once you are at an intermediate level, you can try content writing for any website organization or company. Also, start learning WordPress and, it will help you a lot.


  • Video editing

All students have their own choice, some are writers from inside and some want to be YouTuber or some want to grow on a digital platform. If you are among one of them who loves short films or some basic cinematic shots, You can also create some on your own. Nowadays, a phone camera has a lot of features, all you need to do is some basic video editing, for this purpose you can take help from YouTube and some of the video editing software are:

  1. Filmora 
  2. Adobe premiere elements
  3. Apple final cut pro x (for mac users)
  4. Pinnacle studio


  • Digital marketing

Another skill which has a lot of scope in the present time, as all the world has gone digital nowadays. Anyone can learn digital marketing, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a business person Or even a person staying at home, you can learn this easily and earn from it.

You can learn digital marketing from google itself, they are providing a free course on digital marketing.


  • Social media management

Many of you must be familiar with this term, however, it’s not that tough a task. Simply you have to learn how to manage different social media for any company or any organization. Have you ever seen different social media for any specific company they all have the same or slightly different contents in all of their social media? It means that they have some type of special group of people whose only work is to handle the company’s social media accounts, their job is to update the company’s data around the globe using social media.


  • Coding

To all the people who love to know “how any app works”. Coding is something that every student should know, it’s not about what you have to know but we suggest you learn coding in this digital world. This will help you in learning things in a very different way. If you are interested in learning to code you can start with YouTube, many YouTube channels will help you in learning to code. However,  if you think YouTube is not enough for you, you can go to these websites. Some of these websites are paid and some of them are free for students

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. Edx
  4. MIT open courseware
  5. Github
    there are many more and you can browse online for more platforms
  • Storytelling

Storytelling can also be an exchange skill for any student. It will tell you how to attract the audience towards you, and you can also make yourself prominent such that people can listen to you calmly. You can be a good speaker. Further in your professional life, this will help you a lot.


  • Learn and earn

Lockdown is a very good time for when you decide to try to learn about things that you are not usually keen on or free for trying. Learn and earn means you learn any specific skills and later on working on that skill you can earn money through it. 

For example, if you don’t have any kind of special skill, you can use your academic talent in such a way that you can get paid for it, many websites will pay you according to how many questions you solve for students through their website. One such website is They will pay you for how many questions you solve (for more detail visit their website).

  • Finance management

Every student should know about managing his/her finance so that you don’t have any kind of problem regarding finance in the future. There are many websites you can use to learn about financial management. You can go through the Personal Finance section on our website to know about how to manage your personal finances.

  • Plan for start-ups

If you already have many skills, and you are waiting for the perfect timing to start your own business, or you have some startup ideas. Hence, this is the perfect time to implement that and start your business.

There are many more opportunities. You are not only bound by only these ten topics. You can go through different websites and YouTube to learn more skills. Therefore, YouTube is the ultimate source to learn any kind of skill.