We all want a stable life, with a good bank balance and to live happily. But nowadays it is all a dream. Living happily is not so easy, these days. Only a few can make it possible.

Millions of people struggle to get selected for a reputed job with good perks. They study hard but only a few are able to crack the exam. What about the rest? 

 Are they not capable or they are facing some other problems?

India is filled with lots of youths but many of them are unemployed as you can see that bright student of any field are wandering and dwelling here and there, it is not like that they are lazy or worthless it is happening only because of increasing levels of unemployment.


Unemployment, “is a term referring to individuals who are employable and actively seeking a job but are unable to find a job”

what is Unemployment

In other words, an individual who is capable of finding and doing a job but not getting any of it is called unemployed.

This is true that people are struggling hard to get good jobs. But due to some reason they are lacking with those opportunities.

Unemployment reasons are:

Increasing levels of Population

As you know our country stands the second highest populated country in the whole world and this is also a main cause of unemployment. As any company or enterprise cannot hire everyone, therefore it filter the applicants who fit in their company, got selected and removed the rest.

reasons for Unemployment

Caste System

In India, the caste system plays a very vicious role in removing the deservedly people and entering the not so desirable ones 

Just think to yourself, Is it good to charge fees for any exams differently according to categories/caste or to select someone for a job based on his/her caste?

Lack of Economic Growth

Our country is a developing country. It is progressing but still, problems of unemployment are arising due to a lack of economic growth.


Corruption is a huge web that covers the lower to a higher level of workers. The youth are facing problems in getting desired jobs.

reasons for unemployment corruption and poor education

Poor Education System

Our country is reaching high but still it has a poor education system especially, in rural areas you can find poor school infrastructure and teachers are not fully qualified.

Government is well aware of this poor education system and has slowly responded to them.

There are many more problems. We invested our whole life and time, for one respectable job.


Think of yourself as a fresher, that now you will reach to become an adult and will get responsibilities to handle for that you are working hard but getting no result or unsatisfied consequences then what you will do?

real struggle for finding job

You will do more hard work but with that, you’ll face more to it like;

  • Getting sarcasm from societies as you are of no use
  • Facing an unpleasant environment in your house
  • Losing hope and self-confidence 
  • Mental pressure 
  • Still trying to not give up 

 There is so much of struggle to get jobs in India.

Do you know that finding jobs in India is not the only struggle?  

If no, then let me tell you something. Our society respects only those who are either into Government Jobs or at any high position at any big company. Those who are private, people just don’t think of themselves as valuable. 

government vs private jobs

You know how it comes in their mind that Government Jobs are invulnerable and rest private are not because of terms and conditions,

Yes! Private jobs exploit their employees and the Government don’t and this is also one of the main struggles to do a job in India.  

Working as a Government Employee

  • You feel safe 
  • Get a good salary/perks 
  • Job security 
  • Medical Benefits
  • Promotion or Bonus 
  • Get pension after retirement 
  • Fixed working hours (no exploitation of any employee)
  • Receive respect as well 

You can see why millions try to get Government Jobs, because they want these above benefits but due to corruption, caste discrimination etc. 

Deserving people are doing lower-level jobs. No work is indeed big or small but if someone deserves a high-level job, then why they aren’t selected?

In the end, I want to tell you all just think yourself worthy and do whatever you want either Government or Private maybe by doing any other work rather than reputed ones you will receive less priority than just shrug it off and tries to live happily because this is India and things will change or not we can’t say so chill your mind and do you work. 

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