The ongoing global pandemic has affected the lives of every individual in every corner of the world to a great extent. In terms of economy, health, education, and job opportunities. Everyone around the world is finding their ways to tackle the problem. How can you be responsible and do your part in the pandemic?

Taking into consideration the situation in India. The pandemic has brought a tremendous impact on the citizens of India. From being devoid of receiving proper health care facilities. To the unavailability of food resources. Not being able to access transportation to go back home. The Locust Swarms in 2020 have also created havoc. The severe floods in several parts of the nation have left us wondering Why Do Floods Recur Every Year?

The Crisis

The statistics of the number of cases has been ascending at a great speed. This makes it obvious that the government is finding difficulties in controlling the situation at hand. There are 5,079,795 currently infected patients cases in India. Where 5,019,835 are in mild condition and 59,950 are serious or critical. All the way from the stranded migrant workers not being able to go back home. To lack of medical resources and overcrowding of hospital beds and unemployment. Along with a decrease in the economy also winding up to be an added problem in the current situation. There are many people in the front line from various fields. Who have been devoting their time and, most importantly, risking their lives to help combat the present situation. Who is responsible for this chaos? We would never know.

The government of India has declared an emergency. Lockdowns have been imposed in every state. Where educational institutions, public transportation, and public gathering places have been restricted. In order to prevent the virus from spreading.
It is apparent that life has taken a different turn. Staying indoors, being confined to the four walls of the house is difficult. It really is, but we should be responsible. Not only in taking into consideration our own health and well-being. But we should be considerate enough to think of others, as well.

The Dilemma

From self-experience, I know it is difficult to stay indoors and completely place a pause button towards indulging in activities that we loved to do. From going out and discovering places with friends, going to the cinema to watch movies with the family. Hopping from one restaurant to the other to hopping from one pukcha stall to the other momo stall. Simply going to college and complaining about the hectic monotonous life that we had months back. Somehow this pandemic made me realize the essence and value of what I had. Which right now seems to have slipped out of my hands, temporarily, or at least that’s what I hope for.

However, if there are reasons to step out of your homes, we should be responsible enough to take precautions. It ensures the safety of oneself and also the safety of other people around.

The Steps to Betterment

Proper precautions include wearing masks and carrying pocket sanitizers, as well. One person’s careless ignorant move could affect many people in a society.

There are a number of initiatives taken by the Government of India to control the pandemic and the situation prevailing in the country. Aarogya Setu mobile application has been introduced in order to educate citizens of the country to keep themselves informed about the prevailing situation. Poor households have been provided with eight free refills of cooking gas cylinders. As a relief to those who do not have proper amenities needed during the pandemic. Also, various nonprofit organizations have introduced of many schemes. To ensure a helping hand to those in need in order to make their lives easier.

The government has been responsible to introduce various schemes. What is really essential is the fact that people should be willingly following the guidelines allocated by the concerned government authorities. Even though it is, as cliche as it sounds, ‘united we stand, divided we fall ’. Being a responsible citizen is our duty and need of time!

The only way deemed fit to combat the situation that we are in is to stay united [obviously not physically]. Lift one another. In terms of encouragement, boosting morale, assuring positivity, and, most importantly, to be responsible citizens, in dire times like this.

Stay safe and stay tuned to Blogger Bunny.