Let’s be honest, this definitely isn’t the first article that you have keenly examined to prevent yourself from procrastinating.

Procrastinating is deeply rooted and it is definitely not a habit that can be let go of in one day. But slowly and surely, you can start nipping this habit in the bud by taking small steps every day.
Looking into things from my perspective, I believe that this habit of procrastinating takes place mainly because of the lack of enthusiasm and interest in completing a certain task. Seeing the things to do as “tasks” causes this. So the first step that you can do is to look at the situation in a different light.

How to view & do tasks?

  • See it as something that you want to do from your heart and be passionate about it.

Don’t see it as something that you have to complete but as a task that you genuinely want to complete, for your own satisfaction. As your interest in the task grows, so does the motivation for you to complete it on time.

  • Make a “to-do list” of all the things you would want to tick off or complete during the course of the day.

It’s okay if you aren’t able to scratch off all the tasks in one go. It will take time to settle in. But try to get a few of the things done and progress further each day.

  • Keep your tasks small.

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”. It’s not possible for anyone to finish a big task in one shot. What’s already difficult is the fact that you have decided to start something. Like letting go of a habit that has been fixed for so long. It’s not easy to mentally prepare your mind to do it in one go. If it was possible then things would be in a totally different scenario and life would, literally, be a  piece of cake. Anyway, what’s really important is to not keep your tasks monotonous or lengthy. For example, if your motive is to complete 3 chapters for your upcoming exams, don’t rush to finish the 3 chapters in one go. Take one chapter at a time with certain time intervals in between to prevent the task from getting monotonous.

  • Try to set deadlines for yourself.

Keep a certain time limit and try keeping track of the amount of time that you take to complete one task.  If you complete it before the stipulated deadline, that’s amazing. But even if you don’t, try training yourself to finish it past the deadline

  • Give yourself that pep talk.

I can’t assure you that it works for everyone. But for me, I’ve always believed in having that pep talk with myself. Get up, look at yourself in the mirror, and encourage yourself. Affirm yourself that you can do it!

  • Reward and affirm yourself.

If you complete a task at hand. It’s important to celebrate victories whether it’s big or small. It gives you assurance and also motivates you to do better, to achieve more.


Don’t be so hard on yourself if you aren’t able to do it in one go. It’s already a big achievement that you decided to get up and take a huge step to try ways to stop procrastinating. Remember that it is going to take a while for you to get the hang of it.

Be consistent and follow up on your routine religiously. Try refraining yourself from deviating from the routine that you set up for yourself. 

Take it easy and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Do it for your own satisfaction and, most importantly, your own peace of mind and happiness. Stay positive in every step of the way and see yourself growing and glowing as every day passes by.

Remember that staying active is good for only you and not for others. Creating your own Journal is another great way to plan and reflect on your daily activities. So, stop procrastinating, stay active, and stay tuned to BloggerBunny.