From centuries, many inventions have changed our way of living. Gadgets have made lives easier and faster. Fancy technology is something we all like. Trains, Fax, Aeroplanes, Laptops are all wonders of the past. In the past, people used to walk everywhere. But after the invention of carts, locomotion became easier. It became simpler with the invention of the bicycle and motorcycle. Similarly, earlier letters were used as a medium of communication. Then the inventions of telephones and mobile phones brought a drastic change in the communication power. In 2020, we can see multiple new elements in mobile phones to give ease to the users. These inventions have made the struggles of society manageable. So, what is digital jewellery? How is it technology? Digital Jewellery can be called one of those fancy and awesome technologies. Let’s find out more about these.

What is Digital Jewellery?

The “jewellery” in the term, doesn’t mean ornaments or other wearable worn as a symbol of commitment or to impress others. Digital jewellery is a wireless computerized wearable item or fashion jewellery embedded with intelligence.

For example, thin bands for hands from which you can access your mobile phone. In the coming times, we will get to observe little wearable computerized instruments, giving access to our cell phones & gadgets.

The History:

Digital jewellery or wearable computers were first invented in the 16th century, with the invention of digital pocket watches. These digital pocket watches were the most popular watches before the arrival of wristwatches. The pocket watches had a dial and a chain to secure it with the waistcoat or belt loops. This was to prevent them from slipping.

Examples of Digital Jewellery:

Various wearable biosensors and smart bands are good examples of digital jewellery:


Speaker embedded earrings work as a call receiver. These earrings are a good time saver as well as a cool wearable.


Sensors embedded necklaces act as a good signal transmitter.


These digital rings are going to be the most amazing invention. The embedded LEDs will flash the incoming call on the rings.


Smart Bands and smartwatches are good examples of digital bracelets.

Now, we know what is digital jewellery. So let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages.


Digital jewellery is the most amazing invention. It will surely save time. As we all are aware of the pandemic situation in the world in 2020, to keep track of everything, schools, colleges and offices are taking online platforms to regulate. Thus, such technology these days act as good time saver as well as a good reminder. One doesn’t have to keep a mobile phone in hand all the time. You can only check when you receive any notification and can even receive your calls and send a text with the help of smartwatches.

Digital jewellery is a good mode of comfort and is becoming a necessity for most of us. Those who are doing work-from-home jobs need it to perform tasks with ease. This smart jewellery is making the citizens smarter.


Every invention possesses some advantage as well as disadvantage. Digital jewellery saves time and is a good source of convenience but it is costly stuff. One has to spend a handsome amount to own it. Also, this small wearable computer needs to be charged from time to time.

Now, we know what is digital jewellery, its pros and its cons. Let us quickly find out its effects on our current lives.

How is Digital Jewellery Changing our Technology Perspective?

Digital jewellery seems to be the next sizzling fashion trend in the technological period. IBM’s digital jewellery is going to be the most trending invention in the technological era. Indeed, carrying the computer was not an easy task so mobile phones were invented. But now even carrying mobile phones is quite difficult. The cell phones are still an imperative item but in the coming future, this jewellery will take the charge.

Digital jewellery is becoming popular day by day in the manual world. For example, have you ever heard of a dog or cat collar with embedded transmitters through which you can find the location of your pet? Yes, it is a classification of digital jewellery. Nowadays lockets are coming which you can tie with a chain on your pet’s neck and can know about their whereabouts.

In the present era, this jewellery is not only a necessity but also becoming the coolest way to present yourself. Apparently, wearing a smartwatch indicates how well you know technology and how you are making good use of it. The major idea behind the invention of digital jewellery is to minimize the inconvenience faced by the current generation. It saves time and gives a better perspective on technology. Along with the advantages, there are few drawbacks as well. This jewellery is costly and they need to be charged regularly. Again, with digitalisation going on at every front, it’s difficult to maintain a social and personal life. Privacy and staying close to nature seems like a myth. However, the rush of human lives demands it.

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