If you are a student, you must have thought of earning some extra pocket money. And if you are a 21st-century student, you must have heard of freelancing jobs. So, have you ever seen a peer or a senior earning through freelance gigs and wondered What is this freelancing job all about? How do you even land a freelancing job and what do you do there? Well, this blog is your answer to What is Freelancing job and everything about freelancing!

Everyone wants to get their own earning, especially in college life. You can’t always keep asking for extra money from your parents for every need. You often feel the urge and need to generate your own extra pocket money. And being in college, you must have some extra time that you don’t use in a proper way. [Think twice if you think that you have no extra time apart from college 😉 ] 

Coming back to the point, if you are someone looking to make some monetary benefits in lieu of your skills, you can try freelancing jobs!

What is a freelancing job?

Freelancing is a self-paced job where you are not forced to deal with one client or one company for a long time. It can be either Online or Offline, depending on your field of work.

Freelancing job is great for any college student or for any person who has the right skills and has enough time to do something part-time. In fact, if you generate enough money, you can continue it as full-time work too!

How to start Freelancing?

Now that you know what a freelance job is all about, how to start freelancing?

There are many online platforms through which you can start freelancing. In my opinion, the best way to start your freelancing career is by registering on freelancer.com. However, there are many more online platforms where you can register and easily start your freelancing career. 

Which skill is needed to do a freelancing job?

Any basic skill, like writing, designing, project management, can be used in a freelancing job. Gradually, depending upon your interests and earnings, you could widen your horizon too.

Some of the basic skills needed for a freelancing job:

  • Data handling online (Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, or any other software)
  • Graphic designing (adobe illustrator, photoshop, and many more are on the list)
  • Blog writing or content writing (If you have the capability to write something on your own or from your experiences)
  • Video editing (premiere pro, filmora pro, or any other video editing software)
  • Digital marketing (you should know how to work one or more of the many digital marketing platforms )

There is no limitation in the field of freelancing, you can start with anything. The only thing is to go on different websites, register and then explore, learn and earn!

To make research even better for my readers, here I list a few websites based on different skills.

Content and blog writing

  1. Upwork
  2. iWriter
  3. Flexjobs
  4. Blogging pro
  5. Guru
  6. Freelancer.com

Data entry

  1. Workhire.com
  2. Thesmartcrowd.com
  3. Mturk
  4. Flexjobs.com
  5. Peopleperhiur.com
  6. Freelancer.com
  7. Upwork.com

Graphics designers

  1. 99designe.com
  2. total
  3. Dribble.com
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. guru
  6. Upwork.com

Programmers and coders

  1. crossover
  2. coding ninja
  3. codable
  4. hireable
  5. Expert360

So, these were a few skills and a few websites to kick start your freelance career.  

Generally, there is not any specific website for a single kind of skill. Once you login in on any of the freelancing sites you will be able to do any kind of work according to the type of skills you have.

The above-compiled list of websites is made in such a way that most of the provided work will be according to your skillset. For example, if you have registered on Freelancer.com, you will be able to find both data entry or designing work there.

However, for graphics designing, if you register on 99designe you will get more offers regarding your graphics designing. And for content writing, you can do it at paypercontent.com as you will easily get content writing jobs!

How to be a good freelancer?

After knowing all about what is a freelancing job, anyone would want to know how to be good at freelancing.

As you know, good things take time. For becoming a good freelancer, you have to be consistent with your work. If you are doing a data entry job you must connect to your client and try to do the work on time or before the time. Delaying of work may lead you to have a bad impression on your client and risk your chances of references.

Tips for beginners:

If you are a beginner try to start with a low price and take less time as compared to others. It will be helpful in attracting more freelancing jobs and it will also lead you to get more work opportunities from them. If you are working with a client and you have done their job before the allocated time, they might give their next project to you. After completing the work, you can request them to get 5 stars for your profile too!

If you face some problems or fraud, try to connect to any experienced freelancer. 

Once you start freelancing, you will get the opportunity to learn many things online. So, stop wondering about what is a freelancing job and how to start a freelancing job. Start working according to your skill and get paid! 

We, at Blogger Bunny, wish you all the luck for your new freelancing career! While you are here, also visit our blog An Internship: All You Need to Know!