As we all know,15th August is the Independence day of India. Everyone feels the emotion of patriotism this day. But, what is real independence?  Are Indians really independent?

We read and hear about the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to make us independent and get rid of British rule. Right from the beginning of our childhood, we have been told about this. About how independence day was so important and We have celebrated this as a national festival. Of course, it is a very important festival and also, big pride for the nation.

Independence Day is important for us because, on this day, we became politically independent. Our country was finally free from British rule. India was finally independent and the government became the only supreme authority.

The citizens of the nation were legally independent of every British rule.

India’s Independence Day has historical significance because, on this day, we became politically independent. We started creating the idea of ​​nationalism in the hearts and minds of the people. If this had not happened, people would have kept thinking on the basis of their caste, community, and religion, etc. However, this pride of being an Indian stands atop only one geographical boundary.

What is freedom?

Freedom is the power or the right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Without hindrance or any other restraint with the absence of a despotic government. Freedom of speech is the right of people to express their opinions and point of view publicly. Without governmental or any other public interference.

Independence is important, of course,. But at the same time, some new boundaries became prominent. Let us know that true freedom lies in breaking boundaries.

Freedom for all of us, especially, students is nothing but having the right to choose our career. Similarly, the definition of freedom is different for everyone according to their perspectives.

Freedom in the true sense will be achieved. Only when the geographical boundaries of the world are completely destroyed. As well as the limits of anger and discrimination etc. in us.


When the only one to tell you what to do is your own self.

True freedom is when you accept and believe that you alone are responsible for your life.

This is how you practice control and cultivate patience. How you break all the obstacles of your dreams, the spirit, and foundation on which this great country was built. That real freedom is what I’m talking about.

This is REAL independence.

We have just discussed what independence day was all about. Why it is celebrated by every citizen of the country. But, Independence is not just a concern for the entire nation. It is, also, something that matters for every individual human being.

Yes, independence means being self-sufficient and able to set our own rules, schedules, and choices, etc.

Real independence is in being in a position to help others in general. Not just with money but skills, power, and knowledge. Being able to participate in building up a healthy community.

Real independence for women

We as women are subjected to so many rules, regulations, and bindings.

Why? Only because we are women and, of course, our safety is a priority for our parents. So many times we have seen and also felt that our parents have been biased towards us. When it comes to giving us a little freedom. Be it in going out with friends or choosing the career of our choice, as compared to our brothers.

But actually, this was not by bindings for personality but the concern of our parents and loved ones.

Being a woman you have to think twice before choosing a career that asks for night duty, extra hours, etc. Because that constant fear tackles you. Despite being capable of achieving everything that you want you are still not able to tackle it. It is because of society.

Being a strong, confident, and independent woman means that you are able to find happiness on your own. You have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. And having a choice without excuses.

It means emotional and mental independence of being able to have healthy relationships with others without falling into codependent patterns.

Women will be happier the day they stop being questioned about their choices. Real independence for women will be when they are free. Free to live their lives the way they want without caring about the consequences.

Why is real independence important?

Real independence not only promotes confidence and helps in building up our self-esteem. But, it also gives us the motivation and perseverance we always wanted.

It fosters self-reliance, allowing your child, girl, or boy, to feel that they have control over their life. Teaches them self-motivation and confidence as they have the freedom and right to find their own path in life.

The day everyone has the right to follow their passion, free from outside interference. That day will be the day when the nation will be independent in the true sense.

When girls will be free to make clothing choices. Career and lifestyle will be at will.

When students will be free to opt for their passion. They will no longer be forced to follow family traditions.

Men will be free to express their emotions. Every gender will have equal respect.

When your sexuality will no longer be a taboo. Only love will continue to prevail.

That is when India will become an independent country in every aspect.