“Nepotism” is a word that has created hype on social media these past few years. People who didn’t even know what nepotism is, are now talking about it. Be it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other site, #boycottnepotism is trending everywhere. Everyone has their point of view and opinions regarding the same.

But, what is right & what is wrong is still a question for many.

Well, What is nepotism?

According to Wikipedia – Nepotism is based on favoritism granted to relatives in various fields, including business, politics, entertainment, sports, religion and other activities. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to important positions. Usually, by Catholic popes and bishops.

In simple words- Nepotism is when those who have power and the authority show special and unfair favor to those they know. This is typically family, friends and relatives.

Nepotism is a common accusation in politics.

That was the literal meaning of nepotism. But haven’t we all experienced nepotism in our lives at some point or the other? Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something that you were capable of achieving and truly deserved? But, it was given to somebody else because of power and hierarchy?

Well, we all have gone through that. Yes, it hurts to see creativity and talent get neglected because of favoritism and biases.

This partial behavior has been prevailing in our society for a very long time.

Taking the most relevant example, let’s talk about our school days.

We have all seen that, among a class of 40 students. There are always a few special categories or, you can say, “VIP” students. They were given special attention by the school authorities. Especially, the teachers.

Even the other children yearned to be friends with these VIP students. They could be the ward of a district magistrate, the child of any public figure. Those favored ones could even be the child of the principal of the institution. They were always given multiple favors and were not scolded by the teachers as often. The brutal part was the helplessness. Even after knowing that they were not capable of what they were receiving, they still got it. While you ( the general public) were unable to voice your opinions because you knew that it won’t be heard.

Such students always thought that they were the smartest. Little did they know that it was not their achievement but the fame associated with their name.

Apart from the schools, there are various other fields, like politics or corporate jobs, where nepotism is being practiced. Newcomers are being neglected everywhere!

Nepotism and Bollywood

In the current scenario, the word nepotism has gained a lot of attention, curtsy of our Bollywood industry.

Bollywood now is not just about the entertainment for the audience but the whole business that goes on behind it.

The moment we say Bollywood the names that flash are the Khan’s, the Kapoor’s, and some known directors. You think of producers such as Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mahesh Bhatt, etc. It is a bitter truth, indeed that Bollywood is reserved. Reserved by such big names who run the entire industry according to their tastes and preferences.

An individual gets success in the industry and then their offspring follow the same profession. The cycle goes on, due to which the freshers and the new upcoming talents are never given a chance.

Such star kids get opportunities and films at their doors steps.  The stardom, name, and fame normal actors crave for are given to star kids. It’s all served on a silver platter, even for a debut.

Being born in a certain family is not the child’s fault 

When a child is born his name is associated with the name of his parents and grandparents. It is human nature to adapt what you see too.

Doctor’s child becomes a doctor, army child becomes an army officer (mostly). So, why can’t an actor’s child become an actor?

Well, you can, indeed, go for any profession you wish for. But, the main struggle lies in the hard work you put into achieving your dreams. A popular surname doesn’t make you an equally capable actor like your parents or grandparents were.

These days talking against nepotism is viral. Star kids often replace new talents in films. Various actors are not given a chance to showcase their abilities. Star kids take their position for granted without addressing their fortune.

But, we can not deny the fact that many star kids have proved themselves to be outstanding. Some have done a commendable job. Although, they belong to a certain family, they still managed to prove themselves deserving of their fame.


What should you promote – nepotism or raw talent?

It’s not about being a star kid or an outsider. It’s about having talent equivalent to or more outstanding than your peers. We must promote talent rather than a person’s legacy or a community.

The audience should give support to the newcomers because they have started from zero. Reaching till here is a great achievement in itself. The lack of fame and acknowledgement they receive is painful. Actors who have performed better must be given more recognition and appreciation because you never know when the industry corners them out and only highlights the TRP-booster faces.

We must, rationally, corner the big production houses and the movie mafias. They ignore and boycott the newcomers because they are afraid of their brilliance. Audience must raise their voice against the harassment of new actors. It affects their mental health. It is undignified, derogatory and is just plain bullying! We are all witnessing the sad revelations of SSR (Sushant Singh Rajput) being a victim of nepotism.

No matter how hard we try, nepotism won’t be erased. Nevertheless,  we must support those people more who never had a godfather helping them waltz into the industry. Making a mark in the industry by sheer struggle and dedication is not a piece of cake, after all!