Even after 73 years of Independence, the Independence of women in India is still a myth. In my 20 years of age as a male, I have heard many people speak about financially independent women, for and against feminism, toxic masculinity, etc. However, the truth is entirely different. Have you ever wondered Why Is Self-Defence Important? Every day we hear multiple cases of molestations, physical abuse, sexual crimes against women. We also know for a fact that several cases go unheard and unreported. In fact, crimes against men are laughed off! Thus, this blog is dedicated to the importance of self-defence, especially for women.

Through this blog, I would like to raise awareness about Why Is Self-Defence Important? Yes, the crimes are heinous and criminals should be reformed and taught better. BUT we cannot mend society and people. However, we can make ourselves safer, stronger and lesser vulnerable.Β 

Why Self- Defence?

So, Why Is Self-Defence Important? Why learn self-defence?

why do we need self defence

Women in our country are still not independent due with the restrictions that hold them back. The restrictions by their parents or family members. Women are not allowed to work late at night and are restricted for night shifts. In many places in India, women are not allowed to step outside their house after evening or to visit any place alone even during the day.

According to my perception, the reason behind these acts of their parents is not just patriarchy but also the safety of their child.

The safety of Indian women is one of the biggest problems in our society. Yes, Women Safety in India is An Unending Struggle. The irony is that these cases are still increasing with the passage of time. Our reaction? Anger on social media, watching news debates, forget and move on. However, rather than restricting our women to the houses, we should allow them to
learn self-defence.

Generally, girls in middle-class families are raised overprotected and chaperoned. They are never exposed to deal with problems and fight for themselves. They are not taught to protect themselves or how to react in a situation where she is attacked. Making them learn self-defence is the best way to prepare them for uneven circumstances. This will prepare them to fight for themselves rather than depending upon someone in crucial times.

These were the reasons for the importance of self-defence. I hope you got a better insight into Why Is Self-Defence Important. Now, let us understand self-defence from the basics.

What is Self-Defense?

Most of us tend to think of kicks on the neck or blocking punches and intense fights after hearing the word ‘Self-Defense’. But, in reality, self-defence begins much before any physical contact.

The most important aspect and probably the first component in self-defence is Awareness. Awareness regarding oneself, their surroundings, and knowing your potential. Nowadays, many websites also teach self-defence and online and offline centres are always available for people who want to learn self-defence.

What are the benefits of self-defence?

1. Better use of Instinct –

Sixth sense or Gut Instinct, or we call it our intuition. Yes, this intuition is a subconscious insight into situations and people. All of us have this gift, especially women. But not all of us pay attention to it. Self-defence empowers us to learn to trust this power and take its full advantage. It often helps to avoid any unideal person or situation which does not ‘feel’ safe.

2. Prepared to travel safe, always –

Predators always look for their chances to hunt, be it an unlocked door of any hotel or any remote parking area. So, self-
defence allows them to tackle such obstacles by the right preventing measures and skills to dodge such situations.

3. Pepper Spray is no more a secret weapon –

Like other self-defence aids, pepper spray can be a useful tool. But, while carrying it in your purse while the time of its
use, drawing it out of the purse wastes time and also alert the attacker of your intentionsΒ while you fumble for it. So, you should never depend on any self-defence tool or weapon to stop an attacker. Instead, you should trust your body and your wits in the event of an attack.

Some tips and tricks for safety

benefits of self defence

  • Pretend to be submissive and fight back when the attacker is off-guard while faking an epileptic fit, asthmatic attack, breakdown, or attack.
  • Stay fit enough to run fast.
  • Always walk on the proper side of the road to avoid groping or chain snatching from behind.
  • Always walk with your full attention to your surroundings and keep your purse to your front.
  • Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes once you need to walk back to your home. Furthermore, avoid an excessive amount of jewellery while using public transportation.
  • It’s not rude to mention STOP. Say it in a loud voice, but avoid using swear words or threats which can further enrage the attacker.
  • Your intuition is presumably to be right, so hear your inner voice.
  • Finally, if you’ve got to fight a person, assume the role of a lady possessed. Keep kicking him repeatedly, attacking only the knees, groin or eyes, or chin.

These were some tips and tricks for safety but you should remember that there is no substitute for Self-defense training. Β So, to ensure your safety, we should encourage people, especially women to learn self-defence and prepare them for the uncertain.

In times when Women Entrepreneurs of India are making us proud, this small step can be the key to the security and freedom of many other women. Self-defence will provide wings to endeavour the independent sky of their success.