India is one of the leading consumers of automobiles. We use cars, two-wheelers, trucks, buses, trains and so on. India is also the second-largest populated country in the world as per the 2011 census (maybe the first one, now). With the rise of population and standardization, our demand for vehicles also increases. Today, almost every household has a bike or a bicycle or a scooter and/or a compact car. We use these vehicles for our daily commute as these are, our private vehicles. There are other vehicles which we all share and which aren’t owned by us such as trains, flights, metro services, etc. These are public transport. So, which one do we prefer – public transport or private vehicles?

Today, many people prefer public transport over private vehicles because of various reasons. There are certain benefits of public transport like it saves fuel, it is cost-effective and so on. But there are a few benefits of private vehicles, as well. Let’s discuss all these one by one. 

Public Transport versus Private Vehicles

Public vehicles


The vehicles which are generally used by most of the people, the vehicles which just don’t serve us but also others are public vehicles.

The metro services, the transport buses, the rental cars, the trains, etc., are examples of public vehicles that are used by the general public to commute or travel.  



Benefits of using public transport

  • Economical:

Public transport is cost-efficient or cost-saving. Many people commute in one go, so this makes it cheap compared with private vehicles which are way more costly. There is just the traveling cost that we pay. Apart from that, there are no petrol charges or maintenance charges involved. 

  • Environment benefits:

Public transportation is not that harmful to our environment as many people travel at once. So, this saves some pollution and resources.

  • No tension:

You don’t have any parking issues for public transport. You just need to ride it. The parking, the petrol, maintenance everything is not your headache. 

Drawbacks of using public transport

  • Limited options:

With public transport, you have limited locations or places to travel. For instance, a flight can just help you to travel between cities. A bus won’t come into your small tiny lane. 

  • Time-consuming:

Public transport is too time-consuming. The bus will wait to get full and then only will it leave. You have to wake up early for it and leave early for it, which takes too much of your time. 

  • Risks:

Public transport isn’t safe to travel in. Crimes like robbery, molestation, etc, happen in public transportation. So, it is quite risky to travel in these. 

Private vehicles


We, generally, have a two-wheeler or a car. These vehicles serve us and are used by us for our private or personal use. We along with our other family members use these vehicles. So, these are private vehicles which serve us for our own personal use.

Private vehicles are also used by people in order to show their status. For instance, car brands like Audi, BMW, etc. are for rich people and, generally, celebrities buy cars from these brands only. 

Benefits of using private vehicles

There are certain benefits of using private vehicles. These benefits are: 

  • Convenient:

Private vehicles mean it is for you and you can do whatever you want to do. You can eat in the car, you can play music and so on. It is convenient as you are the owner and it is convenient for your convenience. 

  • Security and safety:

A private vehicle is your own vehicle, which is quite safe and secure in a world full of crimes. You travel with risks in public vehicles. 

  • Time-saving

Having a private vehicle means you can go out and come anytime you want. You don’t have to wait for people to get in or get out. This saves time and you can go to the office on time, or earlier. 

Drawbacks of using private vehicles

  • Cost consuming:

There are costs which we have to be paid for maintaining private vehicles. Costs like petrol or diesel charges, maintenance charges, labor costs. These all costs are incurred on private vehicles, which we have to pay. These costs are quite expensive. 

  • Environment pollution:

The more the number of vehicles, the more harmful and hazardous it becomes for our environment as they pollute it. So, it is not good for the health of our environment. Imagine a single person driving a 7-seater car, alone. This pollutes the environment and jams traffic, as well.

  • Difficulty in maintenance:

You have to search for a parking space when you go out. You have to wait in long traffic with private vehicles. It is quite difficult to do so. 

Conclusion – Public Transport OR Private Vehicles?

So, public transport comes with a few drawbacks but it is great for the health of our environment. It saves petrol and it is cheap, as well. Use it whenever possible.

I use the metro in Bangalore as it is cheap and it doesn’t harm the environment. When more people travel in one vehicle, it is way better than riding a 7-seater car all alone. We need to do this because it costs our environment. It affects our environment and health. Think before you do such a thing. When a young Licypriya Kangujam: An 8-year-old environmentalist can understand it, why won’t you?